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3 Mar 2013

Social in Berlin Diary

Hi Berlin Be Social meetups

In this post I'm sharing scraps about my social adventure in Berlin.


7:00 - Arrived with an overnight Eurolines bus early in the morning. On the bus I started talking to my fellow commuter. We went for a coffee and she thinks about joining the coming weekend for a drink.

11:00 - Checked in at the lovely home of Shona and Daniel. I'm staying at their place in Friedrichshain that I found on social travel website Airbnb.

20:00 - Invited for diner and drinks by Tilla who lives in Berlin.
She got in touch with me via Facebook. Always good to meet new people.

Tuesday: Travel Massive.
Meet up with a bunch of travel bloggers and people working in travel that I've been following for years.

Wednesday: Travel Tweet up.
Similar to Travel Massive.

Friday: Invited by +Letizia Cocco.
Letitia and I go way back! We first met in Bali, then in Singapore, then in Amsterdam and apparently she's in Berlin next week as well. Small world...

Leave a comment if you'd like to meet up as well.

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