About me

About The Social Traveler

Hi and welcome to my blog.

Let me start by introducing myself.

My name is +Bjorn Troch. I'm a social guy from Belgium with a big smile and 3 passions: People, Travel and Social Media. January 2010 I decided to combine my passions and started a unique social travel project around the world.

My Mission: Social around the world

Social online and in real life

Everything that happens on my travels needs to be social and connected to a person. This means for example no guidebooks or search for travel information online. It's all about talking to people online via social networks and of course with the people around me in real life.

People shape the adventure as it happens by guiding me to their favorite places, joining me for some time on my travels, meeting me along the way or by inviting me into their homes and life.

This way of traveling got me into a bunch of incredible social travel adventures.


A short video introduction

Check out this video compilation made by my friend +Nick Verougstraete

Social Travel Challenges

On my travels I let friends and followers give me challenges and tackle them together with them.

My first challenge was to hike 900 km through the North of Spain on Camino de Santiago which is also where this social travel adventure will end. In India I got challenged to travel the South of the country on a Royal Enfield, in New Zealand I had to hitch-hike my way around the country, in Australia I had to stay sober for 40 days. I cycling a tandem bike from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, along the way I people joined me on the bike. Some for a day others for weeks.

There are other challenges lined up for me along my trajectory and I hope to tackle them together with you.

 Social Challenges of The Social Traveler around the world

Be part of the Adventure

Everything that happens on my travels is influenced by friends and followers. They shape the adventure as it happens. You are more than welcome to be part of this adventure as well.

Find me on your favorite social network!



Be Social

Curious what I mean by that? Scan the code or just click here ;-)

In the Media

Over time my travels have been featured on tv, radio, print and on blogs.  

Here's an overview.

The Social Traveler in the media


Questions or feedback? Just drop me an email ;-)



  1. Hi Bjorn!

    My name is Danijel (a.k.a. Brad Pittski) and I am part of HostelsClub.com team.
    You are already following us on G+ (not sure about our other platforms) but that's how I found you.
    Anyway, in our team, I am the one skimming and scanning the online universe in search of worth contacting people, so when I came upon your blog, and after I checked it both with your other accounts (Twitter, FB, etc), let's say I really liked what I saw.
    So, I was thinking that since we are searching for interesting social travelers like yourself, maybe we could present you better on our blog? Or maybe we could have you as a guest writer something?
    I mean, I am sure you have lots of written material made during your travels, or maybe you don't mind writing for other blogs as a guest blogger every now and than.
    It's completely up to you to decide, I just wanted to present myself and tell you we would love to somehow have you represented on our blog.

    Cheers and until next time!

    1. Hi Danijel,

      I just started following you on Google+ indeed. It would be great if you'd introduce my social travel project on your website. Thank you for your help. Send me a mail via my Google+ profile and tell me what you need.


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