26 May 2017

Destination Challenges in Tunisia

Tunisia decided to put my friends and followers and I to the test on a second Tunisia Challenge.

This time it would take place in the South of Tunisia near Tozeur & Douz which are towns located close to the Sahara desert.

Below the 5 missions Tunisia had in store for me

Learn how to make the typical Tozeur brick 

These bricks are made under the burning sun! My respect for the people making these bricks 24/7 will never fade. Respect! Read all about it here.

Find planet Tatouine

Luckily I found a man called Anakin on a deserted road. He'd show me the way to a galaxy far far away. ;-) Read all about it here.

Find different ways to have fun in the Sahara desert

Friends and followers came up with some fun activities and the deserts of Douz and Chott El Jerid became my playground for the day :-) Read all about it here...

Learn how to make bread in the sahara desert

It sounds harder than it is to be honest and it tastes great! Bedouin people showed me how it's done. Read all about it here...

Learn how to make Date Jam 

The use of dates, the fruits of palmtrees, goes waaaay back! I learned all about it and even got to make some Date Jam. Read all about it here...

Tunisia Challenge cinema ;-)

All videos from my missions on the Tunisia Challenge below for your viewing pleasure. If you like what you see then please do subscribe to my YouTube Channel :-)

Be part of the adventure 

Follow and influence future 'Destination Challenges' adventures as well on your favorite social channel and become part of the adventure. You can find me here: 

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