Destination Challenges

Destination Challenges around the world

Destination Challenges around the world. The past 4 years I've been tackling hundreds of 'Destination Challenges' around the world.

Destinations have been putting me to the test and together with friends and followers on my social channels I tackled the challenges they gave me. This resulted in an interactive adventure that was influenced in the moment.

Discover all my 'Destination Challenges' adventures from the past 4 years below...

Destination Challenges around the world YouTube playlist


Destination Challenges in Germany

Destination Challenges in Germany






  • Finding love and Karli in Leipzig


  • Collecting the Kika family in Erfurt


  • Crossword challenge in Quedlinburg
  • To the heart of Harz with a steam train
  • The castles of medieval Wernigerode  


The Green Belt aka Iron Curtain trail

Christmas Market Marathon

  • Freiburg Christmas market
  • Baden-Baden Christmas market
  • Meeting Santa at the Saarbrucken Christmas market
  • Meeting Saint Nicolas at the Trier Christmas market

Destination Challenges in Spain

Destination Challenges in Spain



  • The silk road to Valencia
  • The treasures of Al Bufera lake
  • In the footsteps of the Borgias
  • In search of the Holy Grail
  • The burning history of Xativa
  • Making paella with the locals

Destination Challenges in Denmark

Destination Challenges in Denmark



Laeso Island

Destination Challenges in Belgium

Destination Challenges in Leuven





  • Art in Bruges
  • Lace making in Bruges
  • Finding the blood of Christ in Bruges
  • Playing in a Philharmonic orchestra
  • Exploring Bruges


  • Tasting the original Kriek (Cantillon)
  • Discovering the diversity of Brussels
  • Discovering Ixelles & Jette with the locals
  • Exploring Brussels

Destination Challenges in Holland

Destination Challenges in The Netherlands / Holland


  • Rotterdam Unlimited - Take part in Battle of the Drums
  • Rotterdam Unlimited - Capturing the parade
  • Rotterdam Unlimited - Dancing Salsa at Centraal Station
  • Discovering the Diversity of Rotterdam (People & Food)
  • Prepare Indonesian food at Marche 010
  • Exploring Rotterdam

The Hague

  • Dungeons & Torture chambers
  • Finding out about Jenever
  • Exploring The Hague
  • Mondriaan Fashion challenge
  • Finding the girl with the pearl earring
  • Learn how to surf in Scheveningen


  • Stroopwafels challenge
  • Working a windmill
  • Buying cheese at the cheese market
  • In the footsteps of Erasmus
  • Cheers to Gouda beers
  • Fun on the Gouda Canals


  • The Chinese wall of Utrecht
  • Making chocolate Domtorentjes
  • Dom Under & Dom tower
  • Rubber boats on a canal world record
  • Finding Nijntje in Utrecht
  • boat ride on the canals of Utrecht

Destination Challenges in France 

Destination Challenges in France


  • a monumental bicycle race
  • Watching 14th of July fireworks with the locals
  • Baking Macarons
  • A little boat adventure on the Seine
  • Rue du Bac sugar rush


Destination Challenges in Italy


Destination Challenges in Latvia

Destination Challenges in Latvia

Destination Challenges in Poland

Destination Challenges in Poland


Destination Challenges in Bulgaria

Destination Challenges in Bulgaria


Destination Challenges in Tunisia

Destination Challenges in Tunisia


Destination Challenges in Canada

Destination Challenges in Canada


  • To the races
  • Looking for Whales
  • Row Row Row the boat
  • a guitar lessons at Fred's
  • The most Eastern point of the Americas
  • Muffler support at Shawn's
  • Lighthouse picknick
  • Starting a 'Rock' band with Ocean Quest
  • Impromptu Volkswagen bus caravan
  • a Puffin island adventure
  • Road to Trinity
  • Bonavista views alright
  • Getting screetched in in Trinity
  • Meeting the Chief
  • Twilingate museum
  • The Happening in Burlington
  • Guitar lesson by the campfire
  • Food heaven bay
  • Shooting the potato gun
  • Gros morne
  • Making friends

Nova Scotia

  • Paddling & Jamming
  • Rose's cousin from the 80ties
  • Cape Breton trail
  • Guitar lesson from Boomer
  • Sailing away
  • Cape Breton jam session
  • Rewiring my guitar
  • a musical jewel
  • Surfing colision
  • Road to Peggys cove
  • Nova Scotia kitchen party
  • Global News Halifax

Prince Edward Island (PEI)

  • PEI impromptu boat adventure
  • Red red soil
  • PEI beaches
  • Lighthouses and Chowder
  • Gone fishing
  • a shot of Oysters
  • Ana Green Gables

New Brunswick

  • Highland games of Fredericton
  • Beaten at Golf by an 8 year old girl
  • Ran out of gas on a New Brunswick highway
  • Lobster town
  • Lobster cracking
  • Saint John
  • Bridges and lighthouses roadtrip
  • Remember the tides
  • Saint Andrews
  • Stranded in Fredericton


  • Finding Rose
  • Exploring Montreal
  • BBQ at Sebastien's
  • Montreal Street art adventure
  • Meeting Ole
  • Impromptu Kayak adventure
  • Guitar lesson in Montreal
  • Rose homecoming
  • Cooking with flowers
  • Road tripping through Maritime Quebec  
  • Submarine guitar lesson
  • Exploring Quebec city
  • Guitar lesson on the Saint Laurence river
  • Saint Laurence river cruise
  • Silence of the Moose
  • Cabin in the woods Indian summer jam
  • Ukulele jam
  • Meeting La fille voyage 


  • Exploring Ottawa
  • Crazy horse saloon
  • Ottawa Museums marathon (nature, Mounties, heritage, war)
  • Kingston 1000 islands
  • Prince Edwards sandbanks
  • Exploring Toronto
  • Social in Toronto
  • Thanksgiving in Toronto
  • Niagara Falls day trip
  • Guitar lesson in the studio
  • Toronto edge walk
  • Toronto Aquarium
  • Meeting Toronto YouTube gang
  • Red Rails concert in Toronto
  • Toronto Island
  • Toronto street art challenge
  • Familiar hitch hikers
  • Bushplane adventures in Sault Ste Marie
  • Guitar lesson in Sault Ste Marie
  • Road tripping Lake superior
  • Thunder Thunder Thunder bay!
  • Never ending Ontario roads


  • Winnipeg jam session
  • My first hockey game: Winnipeg jets
  • Social in Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg Zoo: Polar bears & friends
  • First nation drum session
  • Human rights museum | Magna carta
  • Riding mountain national park
  • Red river cat fishing
  • Winnipeg river tour
  • Manitoba legislative building hermetic code
  • a Fort Gibraltar pioneer
  • Little Chicago
  • Buffalo Buffalo Fortwhyte 
  • First nation sweat lodge experience


  • Ekapo lakes & glowing hills
  • Canadian Halloween experience
  • Exploring Regina
  • Mountie central
  • Rose breaks down
  • Exploring Saskatoon
  • Saskatoon Western Development museum
  • Live on stage at Capitol, Saskatoon
  • Rose meets a relative
  • Waskesiu Lake
  • Meeting Sons of Anarchy star Kim Coates in Saskatoon
  • Saskatchewan farming family fun
  • Meeting Saskatchewan Hutterites
  • The great sandhills of Saskatchewan
  • Flat tire in snowy Saskatchewan
  • Maple Creek: Heritage district


  • Calgary Stampede: my first rodeo
  • Medicine Hat hospitality
  • Calgary heating
  • Calgary nights out
  • Guitar lesson on the sofa
  • Exploring Calgary
  • Social in Edmonton
  • Edmonton jam sessions - Balls to the wall
  • First Nation Christmas party
  • Exploring Edmonton with Jon 
  • Edmonton Fringe
  • Edmonton Food truck festival with Matt
  • Edmonton Golf with friends
  • Krav Maga in Edmonton
  • Edmonton Rogers place
  • Getting Yukon ready
  • Wild wild Jasper
  • Jasper Winter wonderland
  • From Jasper to Banff on the Icefields parkway
  • Frozen lake Louise
  • Rockies road trip
  • Olympic Canmore
  • Banff Baby
  • Staying at the Fairmont Baff springs


  • Alaska Highway to Whitehorse
  • Rose breaking down in -30C
  • Burlesque house party in Whitehorse
  • Exploring Whitehorse
  • Fish Lake winter land
  • Alaska Highway from Whitehorse to Dawson City with Dries
  • Rose on the Yukon river in Dawson City
  • The Sourtoe cocktail
  • Exploring Dawson City
  • Dog sledding Muk Tuk
  • The Yukon, where the rainbow ends
  • The Dempster Highway in the Yukon
  • Yukon quest legends
  • Pizza delivery at Canyon Mountain

Destination Challenges in Honduras

Destination Challenges in Honduras

Wanna be part of the adventure? 

You can! Join the party via one or all social channels I use ;-)




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