23 Apr 2018

Auch, home of d'Artagnan and circus

Auch, Medieval city home of D'Artagnan and circus

On my road trip around Occitanie Budget Traveller Kash and I made our way to a medieval town called Auch to take on some more Destination Challenges.

Little did I know that it's the home of world famous leader of the three musketeer, d'Artagnan. Not only that it's also a city is in love with circus. They actively support innovation in the world of circus via the Circ organisation aka Centre d'innovation et de recherche circassien.

Maybe both facts are related since d'Artagnan was quite the acrobat himself. ;-)

Let me give you a little tour around Auch...

The magnificent cathedrale Sainte Marie d'Auch

We didn't expect to find such a impressive and magnificent cathedral in a small town like Auch. It took 2 centuries to build and that shows. There's even a little anecdote around Napoleon who supposedly answered nature call against the cathedral. You can find a mural of Napoleon commemorating this in the alley next to the Cathedral. ;-)

The magnificent cathedral of Auch, Occitanie

Inside the cathedral of Auch

The famous Napoleon pilar mular in Auch
The Napoleon pilar mural in the alley next to the Cathedral of Auch

Hôtel de Ville d'Auch

The Hôtel de Ville d'Auch harbours a wonderful theater with an iconic mural on its ceiling portraying 4 art forms.

D'Artagnan protector of Auch

Charles Ogier de Batz de Castelmore aka the inspiration for the figure of D'Artagnan in the book of the Three Musketeers had Auch as his hometown. Who knows, this might have been the basis for the love of Auch for circus since d'Artagnan was quite the acrobat himself. :-)


CIRC is short for 'Centre d'innovation et de recherche circassien' translated that is Center of innovation and research in circus. Basically it's a center that facilitates circus artists stay and brings them together to share knowledge and come up with new ideas.

They even have an all equipped training hall where the circus artists can practice their new ideas.

CIRC 'Centre d'innovation et de recherche circassien' in Auch with The Social Traveler and Budget Traveller

CIRC dorm rooms for circus artists

Pop Circus

Kash and I where invited by this circus school in Auch and before we knew it we were swinging on the trapeze :-) The kids of the school were the real stars though. They challenge their fears at every training and have soooo much fun with it. I think that shows in the photo below.

The kids at the Pop Circus school

The Social Traveler doing the trapeze
And suddenly you find yourself jumping to a trapeze :-)

Bjorn Troch The social traveler on a Trapeze in Auch

Auch Instagram post of the Day

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