22 Apr 2018

How to become an astronaut in Toulouse, France

My Destination Challenges in Occitanie kicked off in Toulouse at cité de l'espace! An how!!!
I had to step into the footsteps of an astronaut! An absolute dream coming true. :-)

Cité de l'espace is the heart of space travel in Europe and there you can learn all about the final frontie and become an astronaut for a day.

I had such a wonderful afternoon visiting the Ariane rocket & MIR space station replica and of course moon walking and taking a spin on the rotation chair just like astronauts do...

Find my vlog and photo log from the day below... ;-)

29 Mar 2018

The Ruhr district Halde art installations

Fan of art and hiking? Then you'll have an amazing time in the Ruhr district in North Rhine-Westphalia. You can find a bunch of enormous art installations on top of mountains aka 'Halde' in different places across 'Das Ruhrgebiet'.

My 4th Destination Challenge in NRW was to find 3 of them and to pay them all a visit.

Here's what I found...

28 Mar 2018

Exploring the castles of Münsterland in NRW

Münsterland castles tour

Little did I know that there are so many castles to be found in the Münsterland region of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. On my 3rd Destination Challenge in the region I had to find minimum 5 different castles.

I quickly got a list of locations on Facebook so Rose and I went on a little castle hunt around Münsterland. Apparently the region is sprinkled with over a hundred castles.

Find out which castles I found below...

27 Mar 2018

Xanten, where you find Romans by the Rhine

Xanten in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany is home to one of the most important Roman settlements by the Rhine. You'll find an open air museum (LVR Romermuseum) that has the actual size of the former Roman town 'Colonia Ulpia Traiana'.

As part of my Destination Challenges in NRW I had to figure out where I could find this 'Colonia Ulpia Traiana'... Many people thought it would be Cologne but it turned out to be the medieval city of Xanten.

Parts of the Roman settlement where once 10.000 people lived are recovered or reconstructed. You can literally take a step back in time and learn all about the Roman way of living.

Let me show you around... ;-)

26 Mar 2018

In the footsteps of Charlemagne in Aachen

I kicked off my road trip adventure around Europe in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. It's just over the border with Belgium and my first stop was Aachen where I'd have my Destination Challenges kick off in the region.

My challenge was to find 4 places that are related to 'Charlemagne' aka 'Charles The Great' who was king of the Franken and later even got the title of Roman Emperor. It is said that he was the great uniter of European people in West and Central Europe.

Sounds like a social guy... :-)