2 Jul 2018

The coolest public transport system in the world: The Schwebebahn in Wuppertal

Schwebebahn in Wuppertal above the Wupper river

Little did I know that Wuppertal had such a fun surprise in store for me.

Wuppertal is the home to a suspension railway referred to as the 'Schwebebahn'. It's basically a 13 km metro system that floates mainly over the 'Wupper' river.

It's said to be the safest and in my opinion also the coolest public transport system in the world.

Let me take you for a ride in the video below ;-)

11 May 2018

Hiking in Valle di Ledro, Trentino

Hiking in Valle di Ledro, Trentino

Valle di Ledro is a hikers paradise. You can hike around the lake, into gorges and up to wonderful flower fields with a million dollar view over Ledro Lake.

Hiking my way around Valle di Ledro triggered my love for hiking once again. Let me show you which hikes I went on...

10 May 2018

How to make pasta like an Italian mama in Trentino

How to make Italian pasta the traditional way, by hand

Making pasta the traditional way in Trentino was my final Destination Challenge and I can assure you that my respect for the Italian mamas went skyhigh after learning how it's actually done.

We learned to make Tortelloni with cheese and nettles at Baita S. Lucia da Fritz with the help of Chef Claudio. He showed us how it's done.

Let me guide you through the different steps.

Canyoning in Trentino: Valle di Ledro Valley

Canyoning in Valle di Ledro Trentino with The Social Traveler & Steven Herteleer

Looking for a proper adrenaline rush in Trentino? Go canyoning the Nero river in Valle di Ledro.

Steven and I surely stepped out of our comfort zone here. We jumped from cliffs, rappelled down waterfalls and slide down the rapids back to the Ledro valley. 

Luckily we had a great guide with us that showed us the ropes with confidence and a smile. Big thanks to our guide Andrea from Mmove through nature for giving us an experience of a lifetime!

I did canyoning in Catalonia before but this was definitely a more advanced level... :-)

Let me show you how it all 'went downhill' in my photo reportage below...

7 May 2018

Things to do in Rovereto, Trentino

Things to do in Rovereto, Trentino, Italy

Rovereto is the gateway to Trentino and offers a wide variety of culinary, cultural and historical activities. Steven Herteleer, my travel buddy, and I were put to the test for 2 days of Destination Challenges in the city.

This is how we discovered the city and its region. Let me show you what we found...