21 Oct 2018

A postcard from the Road to a friend, anywhere in the world! ;-)

a postcard to a friend

Put a smile on your friend's face and help Rose, my van, and I continue our road trip adventures around the world at the same time! Because who doesn't like to receive a postcard from a friend... 

📸 A 'Rose on the Road' postcard

The postcard will be graced with a photo of Rose from somewhere along the road. Find all possible choices at the end of this post ;-)

20 Aug 2018

Velnezers lake aka Devil's lake 😈 in Latgale, Latvia.

Velnezers Laka aka Devil's lake in Latgale Latvia

Velnezers lake also known as Devil's lake can be found in Latgale, a region in the East of Latvia.

It got the nickname Devil's lake because it's surrounded by legends and mystery. There are stories about people disappearing in the forest, about not a bird that sings and that it's bad luck and dangerous swimming in the lake.

It's said that people don't know how the lake came to be. Some say it's because of a meteor impact, others claim it's because of an earthquake. One thing's for sure though, it's not like any other lake you've visited before.

As mysterious as it is it's also absolutely beautiful! The water is crystal clear and the silence surrounding it makes it the perfect place to find some peace and quiet.

This Devil's lake was the playground for our first Destination Challenges in Latvia. Muhahahaaaa 😈.

Paul (Passport Diary) and I were tasked to find it and take a walk around and that's exactly what we did...

6 Jul 2018

Nationalpark Eifel ranger walking tour

The Social Traveler at Nationalpark Eifel

Looking for a nice place to recharge your batteries? Nationalpark Eifel in the NRW region at the border with Belgium and Germany is the perfect place to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with nature and yourself.

I went on a ranger walking tour through the nature park with ranger Sasha and had such a fun time ! You can do all kinds of fun activities while making your way through the forest. Just follow the path and at the very end of it you'll be rewarded with a stunning view over the Rursee lake.

Join Sasha and I for a walk through Nationalpark Eifel in the vlog I made for you below...

5 Jul 2018

Drachenburg, legendary castle of dragon slayer Siegfried

Ever heard the legend of Siegfried the dragonslayer? He became invincible after slaying a dragon and bathing in its blood. He only had one weak spot on his body because part of his skin was covered by a leaf while he was bathing in the dragon's blood. This would also lead to his demise.

Now the place where all this happened was on the top of Drachenfells rock which you can find in Königswinter. On this hill you will also find the magnificent Drachenburg castle. Absolutely one of the most impressive castles I've seen in Germany.

I discovered it via my Destination Challenges in the NRW region.

Watch my vlog about it below and discover some more photos of this stunning place.

4 Jul 2018

Freudenberg: The cutest fachwerkhaus town in Germany

Freudenberg the cutest fachwerkhaus town in Germany

I'm a fan of fachwerkhaus aka timber framing houses!

They have a certain charm about them and via my Destination Challenges in NRW I discovered a whole bunch of them on a cute little hill in Freudenberg, Germany. Really the perfect spot for a romantic stroll through its narrow streets.

Let me show you how it looks. I took some photos ;-)