8 Jul 2020

Safe Travels to Latvia during Corona / COVID times

It's no mystery that the Corona virus is changing the way we travel. Remote places and nature are becoming the go to place for people to travel to in these times of COVID and Corona. 

Now if there's something that Latvia definitely has, it's nature and space.

6 Feb 2020

What to do in and around Dresden, Germany?

What to do in and around Dresden Germany

Dresden, the capital and heart of Saxony in Germany completely took me by surprise.

It's a city with two hearts beating as one.

16 Dec 2019

Brabant Remembers: What to do in Brabant to commemorate 75 years liberation.

Brabant Remembers: What to do in Brabant to commemorate 75 years liberation

Brabant commemorates 75 years of liberation after World War 2 with its Brabant Remembers initiative. I discovered and explored Brabant by taking on Destination Challenges in this framework.

My journey through Brabant touched me deeply and made me more aware that we should never forget what divisive politics can lead to...

9 Dec 2019

What to do in Innsbruck, Austria in Winter ? Local Tips ;-)

Innsbruck, the capital and heart of Tyrol in Austria is a must visit if you're ever planning on going to Austria.

I've been 3 times already and let me show you what friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter told me to visit and do and what I discovered while tackling Destination Challenges in this city tucked in between the Austrian Alps.

8 Jul 2019

A road trip in Ireland based on recommendations from friends, followers and locals

Road trip in Ireland

I made my way to ireland after my Destination Challenges adventures in Wales. Rose, my van, and I explored Ireland and its Hidden Heartlands for about 10 days. Truly and absolute pleasure. 

Let me share with you what we did and where we went on our little Irish road trip adventure.

We arrived at the port of Dublin and headed North direction Drogheda where our first challenge awaited us.