16 Dec 2019

Brabant Remembers: What to do in Brabant to commemorate 75 years liberation.

Brabant Remembers: What to do in Brabant to commemorate 75 years liberation

Brabant commemorates 75 years of liberation after World War 2 with its Brabant Remembers initiative. I discovered and explored Brabant by taking on Destination Challenges in this framework.

My journey through Brabant touched me deeply and made me more aware that we should never forget what divisive politics can lead to...

Brabant Remembers: What to do in Brabant

Visit the War Museum in Overloon, Brabant

This museum covers the history of World War 2 in the Netherlands. You can find exhibition about the nazi propaganda in the Netherlands and also a big collection of war vehicles and weapons that were used in World War 2. Absolutely worth a visit.

The museum is also connected to the Liberation route which is basically a cycling track that takes you through the war history and landscape in Brabant. The cycling route literally runs through the museum! Pretty cool if you ask me.

Visit the STILLLEVENS exhibition in Brabant

This exhibition travels around Brabant and tells 75 war stories with miniature figurines. Beautifully done and very touching since there are some heart breaking stories told.

Visit concentration camp in Vught, Brabant

You might know or not know this but there were concentration camps all over Europe where jewish people were gathered and prepared for transport to actual death camps.

A visit to concentration camps should be obligatory because it is a testimony on the cruelty people are capable of.

Visit Breda, the city that was liberated by the Polish army

Breda was liberated by the Polish army and I was lucky enough to be at the official celebration in the heart of Breda. As part of my Destination Challenges in Brabant I got the opportunity to dance the Polonaise next to the mural made by a Polish artist commemoration the liberation by the troops of Colonel Maczek.

Visit the Dilemma maze in Bergen op Zoom in Brabant

Would you risk your life to save another? The dilemma maze presents you with heart breaking choices that people had to make during World War 2. Quite the experience going through the maze and being confronted like this. Be prepared for some moral dilemmas.

Make sure to also pay your respect at the Brittish and Canadian military graveyards that you can find along both sides of the Dilemma maze

You can imagine that this journey through Brabant's war history was quite the emotional roller coaster. I do feel it's imperative though to confront oneself with the autrocities war brings.

How do you feel about it? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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