6 Feb 2020

What to do in and around Dresden, Germany?

What to do in and around Dresden Germany

Dresden, the capital and heart of Saxony in Germany completely took me by surprise.

It's a city with two hearts beating as one.

The first heart is basically the old town of the city. It's an absolute gem with its incredibly beautiful architecture that is completely rebuilt in its original state after it got completely bombed during World War 2.

The second heart surprised me even more. When you cross the bridge over the Elbe you end up in the 'Neustadt' of Dresden which is a real pleasure to visit! It's creative, edgy, eclectic and has a vibrant atmosphere that is beautifully fueled by the many students living in this part of the city.

Now let me tell you what you can and yes should do in and around Dresden.

What to do in Dresden?

Wander around the city...

...and write a love poem to the city just like I did as part of my Destination Challenges in Dresden.
I wrote a poem that describes the duality of the city.
Dresden, oh Dresden
A magnificent Phoenix by the Elbe you are. People visit from wide and far. But most special to me, you are!
Born out of Royal imagination you became a wonder of creation. I love both of your sides - the charming and eclectic. It makes you who you are, a city electric! 
The city, I came to love.
If you want you can listen to it in the video below. ;-)

I hope you like it and if you feel like writing a poem as well please don't hesitate to post it in the comments. ;-)

Discover the street art in Dresden Neustadt

The Neustadt of Dresden is way more eclectic and vibrant than the old town and the street art absolutely supports that. Let me share some photos with you.

The Social Traveler at Neustadt Dresden watching street art

Street art Neustadt Dresden

Street art in Neustadt Dresden

During my visit I gave it a go at street art myself. Not sure if I'm a naturally gifted street artist though. :-)
I'll let you be the judge of that.

Taste the famous Christmas stollen of Dresden

Christmas stollen have a legendary status in Dresden and I got to taste them and help make some! 
Definitely taste for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Cross-country skiing at the world cup track in Dresden

Skiing in Dresden I hear you thinking? Exactly! Once a year Dresden is home to the cross-country world cup championship and they built a proper ski track for it! You can of course watch the races but also give it a go yourself the week after the competition. 

I had my cross-country cherry popped by no-one less than 4 time olympian Tobias Angerer. We had a little race in the frame work of my Destination Challenges. Guess who won :-)

Ice skating at the ice rink of Taschenbergpalais Kempinski hotel in Dresden

Every year you can practice your figure skating skills or just have fun with family and friends at the ice rink of the Taschenbergpalais Kempinski hotel in the heart of the old town of Dresden. 

In the video I'm trying to be as graceful as possible. :-)

What to do outside of Dresden?

Visit the Moritzburg, home to Cinderella

Did you know there was a Czech Cinderella movie recorded at the Moritzburg? I had no clue! 
Apparently it's very popular in Germany to watch with family on Christmas day. 

Turned out that I had to reenact some Cinderella movie scenes as part of my Destination Challenges
So I found myself a Cinderella via Instagram. Big thanks to Sofiya (@zolota.ruza) for joining me and making this all possible.

I suggest you watch the video below. I think we did a pretty good job. :-)

Ice tubing down a real bobsleigh track in Altenberg

You have to do this! Grab some friends or your family, make your way to Altenberg and go ice tubing! A pure adrenaline rush on ice. Sooooo much fun. Can't recommend this enough.

Make a Moravian star in Herrnhut

The star of Bethlehem comes in many shapes and sizes but the Moravian star totally rules by design for sure. You find it all over Germany and beyond during Christmas time.

Here I am at the heart of Moravian star production and I tried to make one myself. :-)

Go snowboarding or skiing in Oberwiesenthal 

Grab the oldest Schwebebahn in Germany and make your way up the hill for some fun in the snow with friends and family in Oberwisenthal. Good times!

As you can see there's lots to do in and around Dresden!
If you think I missed something please let me know in the comments below.

What else to do in Germany? 

Do you want to discover more things to do in Germany? Well, let me show you what to do in:


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