27 May 2019

What to do in Saarland, Germany ? Local tips 😉

Saarland is known for it's coal mining industry but I didn't have to dig deep to find some epic places to visit! I've been 3 times already to take on Destination Challenges and the region always managed to surprise me.

Let me share with you what I discovered with the help of friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Saarland is heaven for art lovers

Everywhere you look you'll find art! Let me show what I found.

Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte aka Völklingen Ironworks

This former steel factory is declared UNESCO world heritage and at the same time part of the European Route of Industrial heritage. It's home to lots of art exhibitions and of course also explains its former function and importance to the region.

I visited the site together with Sofie from Wonderful Wanderings a fellow Belgian Travel Blogger and we put together a video for your viewing pleasure ;-).

Here are also some photos from the urban art exhibition we visited.

Saarland Urban Art Exhibition peace and resist

Saarland Urban Art exhibition mine worker

Saarland Urban Art exhibition King & Queen

The Urban Art Walk in Saarbrücken

The city of Saarbrücken really embraces art in all shapes and forms.
We discovered lots of street art in the heart of the city as you can see in the video below.

Here's also the photos from the Urban Art Walk we took in Saarbrücken

Street Art Walk Saarbrücken

Street Art Walk Saarbrücken mural

The Saar Polygon

This landmark and larger than life work of art can be seen from far and is build upon a pile of quarry debris. You can find it at Bei Fußenkreuz in Ensdorf. Worth a little uphil hike ;-).

Saar Polygon in Saarland with The Social Traveler

Saar Polygon in Saarland view
Photo by Sofie from Wonderful Wanderings

Saarbrücken Stengel promenade 

The city of Saarbrücken is an absolute architectural gem and it's architect Stengel who is mainly responsible for that. His typical modern baroque style shaped the city.

I discovered his work everywhere in the city on the Stengel Promenade walking tour.

Saarbrücken architect Stengel promenade walking tour

Saarbrücken architect Stengel promenade walking tour - Ludwigskirche

Saarbrücken architect Stengel promenade walking tour - Ludwigskirche inside

The Saarland museum modern gallery

Another addition to the rich art experiences to have in Saarland is the Saarland modern art museum in Saarbrücken!

Saarland modern art museum

Saarland modern art museum art work

Saarland modern art museum outside

The graffiti wall in Saarbrücken

The origin of street art aka graffiti has its own wall in the city of Saarbrücken as well. Check it out, the art work changes on a regular basis.

Saarbrücken graffiti wall bear and panda

Saarbrücken graffiti wall tiger

Saarbrücken graffiti wall sleeping boy

Saarland's mining history

The region of Saarland has been at the heart of the coal mining and steel industry and that still shows.

Musée les mineurs in Wendel 

You can learn all about the mining industry at Musee les mineurs in Wendel. It's located in a closed down coal mine.

Here's a video of our visit

Rose on the Road at Musee les mineurs in Wendel

Musee les mineurs in Wendel miners clothes

Saarbrücken Christmas Market

I've been to quite a few Christmas markets in my life but this was definitely one of the most social and coolest! You literally watch Santa Claus fly over your head...

Saarland Google Maps list of places

All mentioned places above and recommendations on where to go for drinks and food by the locals can be found in my custom Google Maps list created especially for your traveling pleasure.

You can find it here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/KwGesfFmL2TU1FUE8

Have fun in Saarland and let me know in the comments how it all went and if you think something is missing on my Google Maps list of Saarland. ;-)

Happy travels!


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