27 Nov 2018

Road Trip Calendar 2019

Rose, my beloved T2 Westfalia van, and I are celebrating our 5th Anniversary with a 3rd 'Rose on the Road' road trip calendar!

This time it's filled with photos from our road trip adventures around Europe from this year. We cruised through France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland and Latvia.

We picked our best photos for you to enjoy a whole year long.

Why buy a road trip calendar ?

Because you love road trips

Are you also a fan of the open road and the random adventures that come with it then this calendar will make you itch to hit the road again.

Because you love those cute hippie vans

Rose is an absolute rock star. Driving this vintage T2 Westfalia van around the world has been an absolute pleasure so far and Rose literally puts a smile on people's faces when we cross them on the street. Are you also a fan of the iconic design and wouldn't mind starting your day with a smile then this calendar is for you.

Because you are looking for some road trip inspiration

Never been on a road trip but you always wanted to? Well, slap Rose and I against your wall and I guarantee you that by the end of next year you planned your first or next big road trip. ;-)

Because you enjoy following our adventures and you want us to keep going

Rose is cute and all but she's also old and thus heavy maintenance. I can't even count the amounts of times she's been at the mechanic and don't get me started about her drinking! She drinks like a fish, gazoline that is. :-)

The money earned with the calendar goes to necessary repairs and some gas money.

How does the road trip calendar look like?

You of course want to have a calendar preview. Well, below you find the photos used in the calendar.
Due to popular demand every calendar now also has an area where you can write on. Every month will also include a little story related to the photo.

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar occitanie france
January - Occitanie, France

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar Luxembourg
February - Luxembourg

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar Saarbrucken
March - Saarbr├╝cken

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar Italy
April - Italy

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar Trentino Italy
May - Trentino, Italy

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar tyrol Austria
June - Tyrol, Austria

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar Italy
July - Italy

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar worthersee Austria
August - W├Ârthersee, Austria

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar tarn et garonne occitanie france
September - Tarn et Garonne, Occitanie, France

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar latgale latvia
October - Latgale, Latvia

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar Freudenberg nrw germany
November - Freudenberg, NRW, Germany

Vanlife T2 Westfalia Road trip calendar Spessart Germany
December - Spessart, Germany

How much does the road trip calendar cost?

You have Rose and I in your home for only 25 euro, delivery costs included to anywhere in the world.

How many road trip calendars do you want to sell

100 calendars are made and we hope to be able to sent them to every corner of the world. 25 have been sold already so looks like we are on the right track. ;-)

How to order your road trip calendar

Easy peasy. Transfer the money online and don't forget to mention your delivery address ;-)

It's possible via paypal.me here 

or via bank transfer: Bjorn Troch - IBAN: BE56 7370 0374 8788 

or via the button below if you want to pay by credit card.


Your support really means the world to us and we are excited to keep sharing our road trip adventures with you for years to come.

Find us on social media and become part of the adventure : 

The Social Traveler and Rose on the Road

More road trip related fun stuff

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  15. Rose, my beloved VW T2 Westfalia van, and I are celebrating our 5th Anniversary with a 3rd road trip calendar! Get yours now and keep Rose ..


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