Be Social

Talk, smile to the people around you

If you are reading this it means that you probably scanned the above QR code somewhere or you followed another 'Be Social' link. That link is there because somebody is helping me spread this message. 

About being social.

Because of how I travel I have to talk and/or connect with people all of the time. I learned so much from this and assumption after assumption died. I've been invited for drinks, diners, to homes, introduced to friends, jobs, cultures and I experienced countless social adventures... 

Talking to people around you really holds the opportunity of some new learnings, friendship and yes even love.

Go on now...Talk, smile to somebody around you wherever you are right now

Be Social ;-)

A slideshow of people I met as The Social Traveler

Let's raise money and awareness.

Let's raise money and awareness for some small charities around the world. These charity projects don't have many means and definitely deserve some support. You can help by setting up a small fundraising event with your friends and donate the money directly to the projects.

Let's bring people together

Meet up with people living or travelling in your city. I've been organizing small 'Social in [City]' meetups wherever I went. I always try to get friends and followers living or traveling in the same place together for a beer and a chat. It's good fun and a nice opportunity to make new friends. If you would like a meetup like this in your city just get in touch and we'll set it up ;-).

Let's spread a positive message

Talk to people. It's basically how I managed to find my way around the world. It got me to experience adventures that I never thought would be possible.

Help me spread this positive message and encourage people to talk or just smile to the people around them more ;-)

Spread this QR code online, in your city or on your journey.

In the Streets


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On You

Buy a social present for your friends or just treat yourself. 

Use the above button to share your social adventures and connect with other social tweeps online.

Be Social.