8 Jul 2020

Safe Travels to Latvia during Corona / COVID times

It's no mystery that the Corona virus is changing the way we travel. Remote places and nature are becoming the go to place for people to travel to in these times of COVID and Corona. 

Now if there's something that Latvia definitely has, it's nature and space.

A Guide Map to Latvia

I build a Guide map for you that will point you in the direction of lakes, beaches and forests that are safe to travel to in Latvia. It's based on my own experience of past travels and on recommendations from the locals.

You can find the link to the Google maps list here.
Just click the link above or the image below and it will open in your Google Maps app. Easy Peasy.

Feel free to share it with friends or family that plans to travel to Latvia.

'Safe Travels to Latvia' Interview with Lelde Benke

One of the locals I interviewed and asked for safe travel tips to Latvia was Lelde Benke. You can find the video with the interview below.

'Safe Travels to Latvia' interview with Zane Enina

Also Zane Enina agreed to an interview and she gave me lots of epic travel tips for Latvia. Check out the interview in the video below.

I hope it helps. If you feel like there's a place missing in the guide map then please do let me know in the comments below. 

Please follow all local safety guidelines regarding limiting exposure risk to the Corona virus like keeping a distance of 2 meters and wearing a face mask in public transport and inside shops. 

You can find all details on regulations in Latvia via the following link.

Safe Travels ;-)


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