9 Dec 2019

What to do in Innsbruck, Austria in Winter ? Local Tips ;-)

Innsbruck, the capital and heart of Tyrol in Austria is a must visit if you're ever planning on going to Austria.

I've been 3 times already and let me show you what friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter told me to visit and do and what I discovered while tackling Destination Challenges in this city tucked in between the Austrian Alps.

Here's a little YouTube overview video

You can find a Google Maps list with all recommended places in Innsbruck at the end of this post.

Innsbruck in Winter activities

The Bergisel Olympic ski jump in Winter

The ski jump in Innsbruck is world famous and was used in the winter Olympics of 1964 and 1976.

I paid a visit a few times already and adrenaline just starts pumping every time I walk through the gates. Let me show you in the video below how it looks and feels like to sit on the launch seat of an Olympic ski jump...

Below some Bergisel photos for your viewing pleasure ;-)

Would you dare to launch from a ski jump like this?

The Social Traveler at Bergisel Ski Jump

Launch platform Bergisel Olympic ski jump in Innsbruck

Drinking a beer at Bergisel Olympic ski jump in Innsbruck Austria

The top of the Nordkette in Winter

Innsbruck lies at the feet of the Nordkette mountain and it amazed me how easy it is to get to the top of the mountain from the center of Innsbruck. You just dive into the 'Congress' underground stop and hop on a train that will get you on your way to the top.

Curious how that looks? Just watch the very beginning of my travel video about Innsbruck below. :-)

The views from the top of the Nordkette are also absolutely worth it as you can see below

The Social Traveler on the Nordkette in Innsbruck Austria

View from the Nordkette over Innsbruck in Austria

The Social Traveler at the Igloo bar on the Nordkette in Innsbruck Austria

Glacier shaped train station on the Nordkette in Innsbruck Austria

The old town of Innsbruck in Winter

The old town of Innsbruck is an absolute gem with beautiful architecture, narrow streets and of course its world famous Golden Roof.

Wanna have a sneak peak? Just let me show you around Innsbruck in the video below ;-)

Places to visit in Old Town Innsbruck

  • The Golden Roof
  • The city tower aka Stadtturm
  • The riverside 
  • The Hofburg museum 
  • The Hofkirche 
  • The Tiroler Landesmuseum 
  • The Tirol Panorama
I listed all these places in a custom Innsbruck Google Maps list especially for you. You can find it at the end of this post. ;-)

Innsbruck old town Christmas market and golden roof
The world famous Golden Roof of Innsbruck

Innsbruck Stadtturm aka City Tower staircase
The City Tower spiraling staircase

Innsbruck golden roof from the stadtturm aka City Tower
View from the city tower of the Golden Roof

Innsbruck Hofkirche
The Hofkirche / Royal Ch

Innsbruck Hofkirche statues

Couple strolling around snowy old town Innsbruck Austria

Snowy fountain in old town Innsbruck Austria

Snowy streets of old town Innsbruck Austria

The colourful river side in old town Innsbruck Austria
The colourful view from the Innsbruck river side

View point over Innsbruck from Panorama museum
Viewpoint pavilion next to the Panorama museum 
View from pavilion viewpoint next to Panorama museum
View from the Pavilion

Panorama museum mural depicting battle with Napoleon in Innsbruck
Part of the mural inside the Panorama museum
depicting the fierce battle against Napoleon that took place in Innsbruck

a golden Christmas market ;-)

That of course comes with some Glühwein ;-)

The Swarovski Kristallwelten

Did you know that Innsbruck is home to the world famous Swarovski Crystals? I had no idea! 
I decided to pay a visit to their Kristallwelten which is in itself a real experience. The whole place is a work of art. There are 17 rooms that emerge you into a world of crystal. 

Let me show you how that looks in my video and some Insta photos below ;-)

Skiing and snowboarding around Innsbruck 

The Stubaier Glacier / Gletscher

Ever wanted to slide down a glacier? You can totally have a go at it on the Stubai Glacier! It's only a 25 minute drive away from Innsbruck so definitely worth considering!

I gave it a go as well and managed to crash and turn right in front of the camera. Let's just blame it on Murphy's Law shall we... ;-)

Stubai Glacier / Stubaier Gletscher ski station

Stubai Glacier / Stubaier Gletscher Snowboarding

Stubai Glacier / Stubaier Gletscher ski lift

Kühtai, the valley of snow and fun at 2020 meters altitude

This lovely ski resort is not only known for snow fun but also for its Igloo hotel that is rebuilt every year. I didn't find time to hit the slopes here but I did check out the igloos!

Would you sleep there? Let me know in the comments :-)

Axamer Lizum, an Olympic ski heaven at a stone's throw from Innsbruck  

I jumped out of bed in Belgium, made my way to the airport and was snowboarding down the Olympic slopes of Axamer Lizum by noon!

Don't believe me? Just watch ;-)

Visiting the city and the slopes around Innsbruck with The Ski + City pass

I managed to visit all the landmark places, museums and the ski areas and slopes around Innsbruck just by using the Ski + City pass! Quite convenient to be honest. 

You can find more info about everything you can do with it here

Innsbruck Google Maps list of places 

All mentioned places above and recommendations on where to go in Innsbruck for drinks and food by the locals can be found in my custom Google Maps list created especially for your traveling pleasure.

You can find it here: https://goo.gl/maps/XN2AgxdgfxqHdfp99

Have fun in Innsbruck and let me know in the comments how it all went and if you think something is missing on my Google Maps list. ;-)

Viel Spass

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