26 Apr 2018

Visiting Carcassonne: Medieval gateway to the Pyrenees

Carcassonne castle art work

Our last stop on our Destination Challenges adventure in Occitanie was Carcassonne and boy did this place blow my mind!

It's home to the most stunning medieval citadel and castle I've ever seen. It's so well preserved that you really feel like stepping back in time and oh did we step back in time!

We met up with a proper medieval knight and he taught us all about his life and ways.
Let me show you how that went...

Carcassonne Citadel and Castle

I made a little timelapse from the balcony of my hotel to share this incredible view with you. ;-)

We could notice some yellow lines on the castle from afar. Now they're there because of an art project from artist Felice Varini.

I kinda like how they dared to combine modern art with medieval heritage. It's also pretty cool that the lines form concentric circles from a certain viewpoint at the entrance as you maybe already noticed in the title image of this post ;-)

Carcassonne castle with Felice Varini yellow lines

It's inside the medieval citadel that we found knight Jean-Francois Vassal who taught us about the ways of the medieval knights. We found out that many hollywood movies about medieval times are filled with mistakes. One big myth for example is that a sword is heavy and that's absolutely not the case for obvious reasons. Swords had to be light and easy to handle and swing at your enemies.

Not only gave he a little course in sword fighting he also taught us about the values and virtues of being a knight. Loved learning about all this at his Centre d'Histoire Vivante Medievale or ILC. If you ever visit Carcassonne please do get in touch with him and he'll introduce you in the medieval world like no one else.

The Social Traveler with Jean-Francois Vassal at ILC in Carcassonne

That's not how you hold it... :-)

Budget Traveller Kash with Jean-Francois Vassal at Carcassonne
Budget Traveller Kash facing the fierce blade of Jean-Francois

medieval weaponery at ILC in Carcassonne
Some more medieval weaponery

The Social Traveler with a medieval helmet at Carcassonne
Had to be done ;-)

Budget Traveller Kash with medieval helmet at Carcassonne

Carcassonne castle inside of the medieval citadel.

Medieval enacting at the castle inside the medieval citadel of Carcassonne
Protecting the castle in the heart of the Medieval citadel

Jean-Francois Vassal teaching a class of school children about medieval times in Carcassone
Teaching the kids some medieval history in a fun way :-)

inside the medieval citadel of Carcassonne

Church inside the medieval citadel of Carcassonne

Carcassonne medieval citadel on the hill
An absolutely stunning place!
 Apart from the medieval citadel Carcassonne has another UNESCO world heritage site and that's the watergate and ways below. Also from back in the medieval times.

Water gate UNESCO world heritage at Carcassonne

It's also here that the adventure for Kash and I in Occitanie ended.

Kash really is a beautiful soul and it's been a real pleasure tackling Destination Challenges with him! Definitely check out his Budget Traveller blog for some epic budget travel tips. Worth it! ;-)

Budget Traveller Kash and The Social Traveler Bjorn in Carcassonne

Carcassonne Instagram shot of the day

Destination Challenges in Carcassonne - Facebook Log

Kash and I discovered all the places in Carcassonne with the help of our communities on social media. Find out in the posts below how that went and please do follow my page and become part of more social adventures around the world ;-)

Where we stayed in Carcassonne

We got the chance to stay at Hôtel des Trois Couronnes which has an incredible view over the medieval citadel and castle. 

If you ever decide to go you can BOOK RIGHT HERE

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