7 May 2018

Things to do in Rovereto, Trentino

Things to do in Rovereto, Trentino, Italy

Rovereto is the gateway to Trentino and offers a wide variety of culinary, cultural and historical activities. Steven Herteleer, my travel buddy, and I were put to the test for 2 days of Destination Challenges in the city.

This is how we discovered the city and its region. Let me show you what we found...

Forte Pozzacchio, the fortress in the rock

The first place we discovered was a fortress build inside a mountain a little bit outside of Rovereto. A true architectural marvel at the time and built by the Austro-Hungarian empire. Construction never finished though since WWI started and stopped the construction dead in its tracks.

The unfinished fortress is now open for visitors and worth a visit since it has an epic view over the little Dolomites.

Forte Pozzacchio is completely inside a mountain just outside of Rovereto

View over the small Dolomites from Forte Pozzacchio in Rovereto

Take that perfect Instagram shot of the wonderful San Colombano hermitage

Steven and I saw this impossible work of architecture embedded in the mountain while driving to Forte Pozzacchio and we just had to stop to take a shot! An absolutely unique place.

Here's my instagram shot

And here's the one Steven took. Did I mention he's a world renowned photographer... :-) ?

The Bell of the fallen in Rovereto

Probably the most peace-full place in Rovereto is the Campana Dei Caduti. :-)

It's a place dedicated to peace and remembers us every day that war is a bad idea with the 'Bell of the fallen'. The bell was forged from bronze from the cannons used on both sides in WWI.

How cool is that! It rings a 100 times every day and reminds people around the world about the horrors of war.

Campana Dei Caduti in Rovereto where you find the Bell of the fallen

The Bell of The Fallen in Rovereto, Trentino with Steven Herteleer

Bjorn Troch at the bell of the fallen at Campana Dei Caduti in Rovereto, Trentino

School kids visiting the bell of the fallen at Campana Dei Caduti in Rovereto Trentino

The 'Mart' aka the Museum of Modern Art in Rovereto

Aside from peace you'll also find the Mart aka Museum of Modern Art in Rovereto. I absolutely loved the architecture of the museum. It's inspired by a very famous building in Rome.
Can you tell which one?

Mart modern art museum of Rovereto entrance
Do you notice the resemblance with a famous and historic building in Rome?

Mart museum of modern art in Rovereto gallery

A cool feature the museum has is the Mart museum bot which you can just chat with via Facebook messenger. It'll guide you around the museum in no time. Modern indeed.

Have some Grappa at the Marzadro Distillery

Did you know that Grappa is similar to Champagne and Tequila? Their name is linked to a region. So grappa always comes from italy. It's a distilled liquor based on olives and it has a serious kick so drink it with care! Rovereto is home to grappa distillery Marzadro where we learned everything about the distill process.

Marzadro grappa distillery in Rovereto

Marzadro grappa distillery wooden barrels

Have a proper Italian coffee

When in Italy you have to try the coffee! They are absolute masters in the art of coffee making and that's no different in Rovereto. We paid a visit to the Bontadi coffee museum and learned a great deal about how coffee machines evolved and perfected the making of coffee over the years.

Bontadi coffee academy in Rovereto

a cup of Bontadi espresso in Rovereto

Bontadi the coffee academy in Rovereto
There's one famous Italian actor in this photo. Do you recognize him?

Visiting the War museum

The war museum of Rovereto can be found in a medieval fortress and teaches you all about the history of war in Italy. There's a huge collection of weapons from middle ages to modern times.

Plane at the War museum in Rovereto Trentino

Wining and dining

Oh the food! Italians do know how to enjoy a good meal. They take their time at the table and the eye for detail and flavor is on point. Rovereto has a fine collection of quality restaurants for you to enjoy. Go on, dig in ;-)

dining in Rovereto, Trentino

dining in Rovereto, Trentino

We've been adventuring for 2 days in Rovereto and from there we made our way to Valle di Ledro where we'd experience some of Trentino's wonderful nature!

We even got a new travel buddy for a day: Melis. She studies in Rovereto and was a big help for us in tackling our Destination Challenges. A random road trip adventure was the least we could do to thank her for her help.

Destination Challenges in Rovereto Facebook LOG

Destination Challenges get tackled in the moment via friends and followers on social media. Here's the Facebook log from our challenges in Rovereto. Don't hesitate to join the community and help me tackle Destination Challenges around the world ;-)

Steven and I stayed at the lovely B&B Casa Del Pittore in Rovereto.
Loved the vibe of the place! I made HYPERTOUR of the place for you ;-)

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