24 Apr 2018

Tarn et Garonne: a day at a hiking and cycling paradise

Tarn et Garonne a hiking and cycling paradise

'Living like a god in France' is the literal translation of a Dutch saying and it popped up into my mind on several occasions when I was exploring the Tarn et Garonne region in Occitanie, the South of France.

A perfect place to go hiking and cycling, eat great food and drink beautiful wines with friends and family. A great way to discover it is by hiking Camino de Santiago which runs straight through the region and connects hot spots and cultural highlights.

Our Destination Challenges here brought Budget traveller Kash and I to the following places...

Vlog of our day in Tarn et Garonne


The cute little town of Moissac is home to a wonderful abbey and an ingenious bridge for boats!
It's a must stop for Camino de Santiago pilgrims and that shows all over the city where you see pilgrims passing through on their grand adventure to Santiago de Compostela

Inside the Abbeye St-Pierre of Moissac
Inside the Abbeye St-Pierre

Abbeye St-Pierre inner court pillar

Outside the Abbeye St-Pierre
Budget Traveller Kash hard at work

hotel Moulain de moissac with pont de Napoleon bridge in Moissac
Here you see hotel Moulain de moissac with on its left the wonderful boat bridge.
pont de Napoleon bridge from hotel Moulin de Moissac
It's called pont de Napoleon and provides safe passage over the Tarn river for boats.


From Moissac we made our way to Auvillar by bike to discover a gem of a town. Such a quiet and lovely place! Perfect to escape the hustle and bustle from every day life and just eat well and enjoy down time with friends and family.

Gate to Auvillar in Tarn et Garonne

Organic and delish food awaits you!

The St Jacques statues of Auvillar
Across the town you find little statues of St. Jacques the patron of Camino de Santiago

View from Auvillar
oh the views...

Half timbered house in Auvillar, Tarn et Garonne
I'm a big fan of half timbered houses. They have so much charm!

St Jacques de compostelle
The one and only St Jacques

The Social Traveler and Budget Traveller in Auvillar
This circular market place especially stands out.

The pastel windows of Auvillar, Tarn et Garonne
And of course you'll find shades of pastel spread around town.

Cute street of Auvillar

Cycling from Auvillar to Moissac on a tandem bike
Back to Rose we went! Yup that's a tandem bike alright :-)

Bye bye Tarn et Garonne! It's been a pleasure :-)

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