25 Apr 2018

Visiting Albi: A hidden gem in the South of France

WOW! That's what both budget traveller Kash and I shouted when we saw the silhouette of Albi with it's majestic cathedral emerge on the horizon.

I honestly didn't hear about the city before and I really wonder how that's possible since it's such a beautiful place with a rich history in the pastel trade.

Our Destination Challenges here sent us on a quiz quest around the city...

Vlog of our day in Albi

Watch how Kash and I discovered Albi with the help of our friends and followers ;-)

Market hall

Our first stop was this beautiful food market where you can find all kinds of delicious local products! It's here that we went in search for 'le petit jaunot', a local anis based speciality.

Budget Traveller Kash shopping at the Albi Food Market

Le petit Jaunot An anis based Albi speciality
Le petit Jaunot: An anis based local speciality 

bar a charcuterie at Albi Market hall

Collegiale Saint-Salvi

Here we learned that the tower was used as a watch tower to spot enemies from miles away. Not something you often see integrated into a church / cloister.

Collegiale Saint-Salvi in Albi

Albi alley

Albi cloister court
a cloister court really is always an oasis of peace.

Did you know that in Occitanie the hight of the tower in your house symbolizes your wealth? Below a picture of a house in Albi which clearly had very wealthy owners.

House in Albi

Palais de la Berbie

Definitely one of the most impressive buildings in Albi and it has an exceptional view over the Tarn river! Perfect place for a romantic stroll ;-)

Palais de la Berbie by the river Tarn in Albi, Occitanie
Can you spot Kash :-)

View over the river tarn from Palais de la Berbie in Albi, Occitanie
Quite the view right!

Strolling through the garden of Palais de la Berbie in Albi

View over Tarn river and garden from Palais de la Berbie in Albi, Occitanie
I especially loved the beautiful garden on the right.
The Albi Cathedral

It's the largest brick cathedral in the world and an absolute architectural marvel! That goes for the exterior but also of the interior. Especially the ceiling is exceptionally beautiful.

Enterance to the Albi Cathedral in Occitanie
How majestic is this entrance!

Albi Instagram shot of the day

In the Albi Cathedral you'll find basically a smaller church that is used for ceremonies and weddings.
Probably the most beautiful spot in the cathedral.

Destination Challenges in Albi - Facebook Log

Kash and I discovered all the places in Albi with the help of our communities on social media. Find out in the posts below how that went and please do follow my page and become part of my social adventures around the world ;-)

Where we stayed in Albi

Maison de Julia is probably one of the nicest B&B's I've ever stayed at. An absolute gem at walking distance from the city center of Albi.

Room at B&B Maison de Julia in Albi

If you ever decide to go you can BOOK RIGHT HERE

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