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10 May 2017

Finding truffles with dogs in the Prades Mountains of Catalunya

Finding truffles in the wild was an absolute first and a beautiful experience. This was my 3rd mission on my Catalunya Challenge.

I initially thought I'd go truffle hunting with pigs which is the traditional way to do it but I ended up exploring the woods around the Prades mountain with 3 very skilled dogs owned by Didac Tofona together with Xavier my host at Camping Serra de Prades.

To my surprise the dogs found the truffles incredibly fast! I spent the entire day learning everything about truffles and we even enjoyed some the traditional way in the middle of the forest. I even digged up a truffles nest. You can find my YouTube video about that and some truffle fun facts below in the post.

Want to know how to find truffles yourself? Just get in touch with Didac on his 'Tofona de la Conca' website

In the evening I was spoiled with an extensive truffle dinner at Serra de Prades

The Serra de Prades owl waved me off to the next adventure ;-)

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