4 Jan 2010

The Finish

There's a finish to this adventure and that's at the very end of my trajectory. It ends where it all started... on Camino de Santiago.  

Here's why

My first challenge was to hike Camino de Santiago, A 900 km pilgrimage through Spain. When I arrived in Santiago de Compostela the first time I was supposed to hug the statue of Saint Jacob. This symbolizes that you are not a pilgrim anymore. Since this was just the start of my adventure I decided not to hug the statue and to make it my goal to do it at the end of my trajectory around the world.

So one day I'll hike Camino de Santiago once again but this time I'll walk it from South to North since I'll enter Spain via Africa. I hope by then to tackle this last and final challenge with YOU and  friends and followers from around the world. ;-)

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