1 Jan 2010

Social Travel Challenges

Social Challenges of The Social Traveler around the world

Completed Challenges

Camino de Santiago challenge in Spain

Royal Enfield challenge in India

Hitch-Hike challenge in New Zealand

40 days Sobriety challenge in Australia

Tandem challenge through South East Asia

1 day challenges 

14000 ft jump in New Zealand
14 km fun run in Australia

Next up: Guitar Challenge

Future Challenges.

Start the Tuk Tuk Band along the West Coast of South America.

Do you want to challenge me as well? 

Well... before you get all 'Jack Ass' on me check out the rules below first and if you then come up with a creative challenge just leave your suggestion in the comments below. ;-)

but first...

The Rules

  • The Challenge should cover a part of my trajectory.
  • It should have a social angle. Other people should be able to be part of it.
  • I should learn something new.
  • I have to accept the challenge.

Be part of the adventure ;-)


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