30 Mar 2011

My first Social Traveling experience! Invited by a Brazilian living and working in Dublin, Ireland

Me and my friend Sofie were a guest at Eduardo's place in Dublin.

We met Eduardo in London, UK during New Years Eve (09/10) celebration. At that time I started thinking about my Social Traveler's project. I launched my Facebook and Twitter page and he was one of the first to follow me!

Eduardo is the founder of E-Dublin. A blog about Dublin by Brazilians for Brazilians :-)
He actually interviewed me about my Social Traveler plans. Check out the video below. 

Interview with the social traveler from E-Dublin on Vimeo.

During our stay Edu, showed Dublin Nightlife and also introduced us to a Brazilian community living there. 

It's here that I realized that this Social Traveler experiment will bring me amazing experiences around the world and I have to say that it has been an amazing year...

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