3 Apr 2011

YOU(R) GUIDE | Where to stay in Goa near Baga Beach

Got this question via Twitter

@Social_Traveler hey,iam planning 2 visit GOA in May,iam wondering where do i stay,i'll prefer a budjet hotel in and around baga beach.less than a minute ago via TwitLonger Beta

My answer?

Hey Dibyajyoti,

I suggest you go to Sunset guesthouse right on the beach of Anjuna. This place is managed by a warm and friendly family and has a very good price/quality value!
Price for a room: Between 4 and 6 USD.

Prepare to be welcomed by the dog

Grab a seat at the terrace

Enjoy the company

The food! You got to try their daily catches! Delicious!!!

From the terrace you have an amazing view on the sunset!

 I searched for this place online but they are not yet out there in cyberspace. So if you want to find them just walk up to the beach and you'll stumble on it. Don't forget to say hi from me ;-)

PS: Try their Old Monk rum... Good stuff ;-)!

Happy to Reply.

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