1 Apr 2011

How does a backpack to travel the world look like?

When I started my trip I had way too much luggage with me! My backpack weighed 19 kg. I started hiking on Camino de Santiago like this... I can tell you that it was a torture! 

After a week I had to forward 5 kg :-) So between 10 and 15 kg is A-OK!

Most necessary things to bring:
  • 4/5 t-shirts 
  • 1 jeans 
  • 1 travelpants (Good quality, with zipper to transform to short ;-))
  • 1 traveljacket with flees inside (good for all not too extreme weather)
  • 1 light casual jacket
  • 1 swimshort
  • 1 Hoodie
  • 1 Scarf
  • 5 pair of socks
  • 5 Boxers
  • Cool sunnies B-)
Tips here:
  • Put clothes in plastic bag in your backpack. Easy to take in and out. Don't leave it in there to long because the smell will kill you!
  • Put used socks, underwear in a seperate compartement in your backpack (bottom works well)
  • At most places you go there are laundry services for low prices or you can of course hand wash everything.

Digital Nomad gear: 
  • Netbook 
  • iPhone or Android Phone (I prefer the latter)
  • Compact Quality Digital Camera (I use Canon S95. Good stuff!) 
  • 2 SD cards (4 Gb each. Try to copy your pics onto your computer every day + upload to picasa or flickr. You don't want to lose this)
  • World plug 
  • External HD of 500 Gb 
  • All necessary Cables and battery rechargers

Tips here:

  • Keep all the cables, HD, plug together in one small bag. Easy to handle
  • 1 handbag for computer and papers (small so it fits in backpack) and 1 little packsack (flexible).
  • Neckpillow if you sleep badly on buses. I use a scarf though. Is good for a lot of things 
  • Headlight (if you need to use your hands :-)) and hand rechargeable flashlight
  • Little chest wallet with valuables (passport, international drivers licence, vaccination chart, bank coder 
    • Keep copies of documents in different place in backpack and online as well.
  • Light sleepingbag (850 gram. When cold wear your jumper and some extra t-shirts)
  • Medi-Kit: Antibiotics, Pain killers, Stomach and head relief, some plasters and bandage, Water filter pills, Contraception, Deet (against mosquitoes) ... The rest if necessary you buy in local pharmacy...
  • Toilet Bag: small tube of toothpaste, shampoo and showergel. Small deo, raisor & a toothbrush.
  • Wallet: Visa or Mastercard (Get local currency from ATM), ID, 50 US dollars (for boarders), passport pictures and picture of your loved ones ;-). 
  • Swiss knive, some tape and straps
That sums it up I think. Everything else you need you can buy it wherever you are. Most of the times you can get it 4 to 5 times cheaper than at home ;-)

If there are people who want to add things, just leave your tips in the comments ;-)

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