19 Oct 2011

Work with me!

Bjorn Troch works as social media consultant around the world

During my travels I work as a freelance social media consultant
Currently I'm working for an Australian marketing company
I have room for 1 or 2 more projects.
I work from Berlin.

Professional Background

I'm working in social media since 2006

I started in the industry as a business developer on a pan European level. First for virtual world Taatu.com (+ 1 million users) and later for social network Netlog.com (+ 70 million users). I worked closely with A-Brands, Advertising, Sales & Media Agencies in Brussels, Amsterdam and London

After my years as a business developer I started working as a consultant. I help companies, brands and advertising agencies deal with the ever changing social media landscape.


Connect with me on a professional level via LinkedIn ;-)

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As The Social Traveler I practice what I preach

I combined my love for social media, people and travel into this social travel project.

Basically people follow and shape my social travel adventure as it happens via social networks and in real life.

In a few years a community of +12.000 friends and followers formed over a variety of social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Foursquare, Instagram & Pinterest

The entire community grew organically. Most people found out about this project via their friends and/or followers. I never used any form of advertising and people didn't find out about me via search since I just start to blog about my adventures now. 

On a daily basis I deal with social networks and their ever changing communities and features. 

Working around the world

I basically work from where I have a proper internet connection. 

In my role as a consultant I want to work in different cities around the world. By now I worked in Ghent (AGX), Brussels, Melbourne (Working Three), Sydney (Pollenizer), from Bali and currently I'm working from Berlin for an Australian client.

I still have room for a few more projects so if you know people that could use some help tackling social media for their brand or company please do get in touch via the comments below or via one of the social networks I use. 

20% goes to charity

Another part of my social travel project is the social good side of it. By now I visited 4 small charities in 4 different countries and together with the community we started raising money for them.

Now I pledge to visit the projects along my trajectory, bring attention to it and donate 20% of what I earn from consultancy work that I receive via my 'The Social Traveler' network.


Social Media Marketing 

Let's tackle social media for your brand or company together. 
I help analyze, build, grow, integrate and monitor your social media presence. 

Social Media Coaching

I help get your social media team up to speed on how to use social networks, how to find, create and share content and how to keep the conversation alive.


Below you can find recommendations from people I worked with AND some awesome videos from Friends and Followers on how they support me in my job hunt. I just love those guys! ;-)

Don't hesitate to make a video as well. Share the link in the comments below ;-)

More professional recommendations

+Andrew Frith, Social media director, +The Dubs, Australia

“Bjorn is a real pioneer in social media. I have been so impressed with his projects and innovative ways of building audiences that really engage on a deep level. I have found him to be a very astute and intelligent guy and I know he will be a real asset wherever he applies his talent. Highly recommended.”

+Indulekha Nanayakkara, Head of Social Media, +Loops Solutions, Sri Lanka

“Bjorn has no doubt been one of the most interesting 'social media' personalities that I follow on many platforms. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other popular social networking arena Bjorn knows exactly how to keep things social and get the crowd engaged! Being a "social traveler" must be no doubt be a challenging experience - especially when you travel on a shoestring budget, depending hugely on the goodwill of people of the world. But Bjorn's adventures have been nothing but fascinating and have taught us to have more faith in humanity and kindness of strangers. I wish Bjorn great success in his social media related travels and hope he will continue to be the 'social traveler' he is, for many years to come - no matter what he does. And I will most definitely continue to follow him :)”

+Dimitri Callens, Director of Business Development, +Engagor, Belgium

“Bjorn is a great digital consultant. He combines advanced knowledge of the industry with a natural talent for good communication. And, in my opinion the most important skill to have, Bjorn breathes positive energy in anything he does. Highly recommended!” 

+Agata Krzysztofik, Online Community Program Manager, +Google, USA 

“Bjorn is a passionate and extremely creative person. I have been following his social travel project 'The Social Traveler' as well as his previous projects for 7th Sense events organization such as "Fabulous". Definitely a person that can boost company's social media presence.”

+Theo GunsPPC Product Manager at Truvo, Belgium

"Bjorn is a very sociable guy with great understanding of social media. It is a real pleasure to work with him."

+Pieterjan BoutenCo-Founder & Co Founder Showpad , Belgium

"Bjorn is an enthusiastic and social personality, a true team - player with an extensive knowledge of online media. He successfully built relations with our international partners and managed to come up with creative ideas to extend our advertising products and go 'beyond the banner'."

Michel Grignet, COO at TAATU, Belgium

"Bjorn is a very creative person, proposes inventive solutions and continuously seeks for original, clever approaches. He loves Web 2.0 and Internet and monitors everything about Social Media since more than 5 years. He is very social himself and rapidly developed a good professional network around him."

Stephanie De Smedt, Marketing Assistant, +TomTom Official, Belgium

“I met Bjorn 3 years ago and he always had a big passion for traveling. I’ve always known that he wasn’t going to stay in Belgium. When the time was right, he decided to leave his country and make his social travel project come true. I’ve been following his travel stories and adventures since the beginning. The way he combines his two big passions, travel and social media, is a true inspiration for everybody. Bjorn grew a community with loads of fun stories and useful information for everybody who loves to travel.”

+Chrissy Pappas, Brand Marketing Coordinator, Masco Canada Limited, Canada

“I met Bjorn as "The Social Traveler" after viewing a youtube video through his Channel. His passion for travel and supporting local charities through social media is inspiring. With his “Be Social” message, Bjorn manages to connect, engage and build relationships from all over the world and his positive outlook on life is definitely contagious. Hopefully a business opportunity will unfold so I can have the pleasure of working with Bjorn as I consider him to be a well versed Digital Consultant. Certainly an asset to work with such a wonderful person.”

“If I had to hire a social media specialist, Bjorn would definitely be my top choice!”

+Damon Meredith, Journalist, Southern Courier, Australia

“I first heard of Bjorn on Google+ where he was organising a local hangout in my hometown of Sydney. His use of social media and unique story intrigued me, so I set up an interview at a later date. The man I met was everything his social media presence suggested; intelligent, charismatic and friendly. Over the past year I've watched Bjorn's travels with interest, going so far as to use his journey as a case study for one of my university subjects. There is no doubt in my mind that Bjorn is the perfect choice for any job in social media.”

+Ivan Marino, Executive Director, KeyTag3, Italy

“I had the pleasure to work with Bjorn and I always appreciated his high skills and his professional approach with both customers and suppliers. Outstanding his knowledge of all internet related disciplines/businesses” 

+Michelle Rowan, Freelance startup consultant, Australia

“Bjorn brings great energy and enthusiasm to his work. His unique, inquisitive approach combined with a sunny disposition would be a great asset to any company. Whilst I didn't work directly with Bjorn, all reports deemed him professional and reliable, whilst brining a new perspective to the tasks at hand. I look forward to working with Bjorn in the near future, somewhere along our travels!” 

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