16 Feb 2012

My Social Travel Adventure

Hello World!

I'm Bjorn Troch, a Digital Strategist putting the 'Social' in Travel since early 2010. People guide, challenge and invite me around the world

On this website I collect all the recommendations friends and followers give me and the adventures I experience with them. As with everything I do, you decide what you read first ;-) 

to your favorite places via social networks or in real life. I don't use any guidebooks or travelwebsites. I follow recommendations and gather these on my social travel maps for others to use.

Challenge me

to tackle social travel challenges around the world. By doing this I want to help small local charity projects introduced to me by friends and followers.

Invite me

to your world and let me be part of your life. You can invite me for coffee, a beer or even to your home, culture and friends. 

My Message.

I try to encourage people to be more social, not just online but also in real life. To talk, smile to the people around them more. Because of the way I travel I learned that these short genuine contacts hold amazing opportunity of friendship, love and adventure. 

My Goal.

To let people guide, invite me from life to life, city to city all the way to the finish of my social travel trajectory. Along the way I want to help small charity projects via my challenges and bring people together by connecting them and spreading a positive and social message around the world. Once I make it to the finish line my social travel adventure is over. Help me make it there... be part of the adventure ;-)

Connect with me.

I'm connected with people from around the world on different types of social networks. Come say hi on FacebookTwitterGoogle+TumblrFoursquarePinterest,... Let me know where you are or going and I'll connect you with friends and followers around the world. 

Press and Blogs

A collection of articles, posts that were published about my project.

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