1 Apr 2012

Social Travel for Charity

Social Good with The Social Traveler around the world

Before I started my tandem challenge some people told me that I could maybe try to support some small charities. Well since it's also social and I hope to make a bit of a difference with this project I decided to give it a shot. I reached out to friends and followers to put me in touch with some small charities that can use the extra exposure and support. 4 projects came recommended and I paid them a visit on my tandem bike to see how I could help.

The charity projects I support

Every project is small and deserves support!

This orphanage at the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur takes care of about 40 boys. They completely rely on donations and gifts. I visited them at the start of my tandem challenge and stayed with them for 3 days, sharing food, shelter and stories with them. These kids are really awesome and the shelter offers them a chance to a better future.

A school for children with Down Syndrome in Thailand

When I arrived in Chumphon I stayed at Salsa hostel. I had a chat with the owner and he told me about this school. He took me there and together with a teacher I had a little tour around the school. The kids stay in big dorm rooms with very basic facilities. The beds are really basic, there are no toys, half of the ventilators don't work and the walls definitely need some paint. Let's improve their daily living situation together!

In the beautiful mountains around Sapa in Vietnam there are a lot of tribes still living there. These people still live in their own traditional ways and mostly live from harvesting the rice fields and selling souvenirs to tourists. They have barely access to education and mostly speak their own language. The Sapa O'Chau project funds a small school where tribe children can learn the basics of math, English and Vietnamese. I attended one of the classes and really I never saw children so motivated and eager to learn. This program gives them the opportunity to make the move to Hanoi for a proper education.

Check out the video they made to show their support for our initiative. Warmed my heart!

Help me raise money and awareness!

Help me raise money and awareness for the charities I visit and support along my trajectory. 

Choose one of the charities above that you want to help and organize a fundraiser with your friends. All initiatives are welcome. After that you can donate the raised money DIRECTLY to the project. I keep you and your friends informed on what happens with it. Like this you see the results of your efforts. 

Fundraising initiatives

Up until today there were 3 initiatives already.

Cycle for charity in Amsterdam raised € 1615

+Melanie Djiauw got her friends together and went for a little bike tour around Amsterdam.

The money is divided over Agathian's Shelter in Malaysia, Sapa O'Chau in Vietnam and the Village Health project in Cambodia.

Life on Lantau raised 1820 Hong Kong Dollars

donated 1520 Hong Kong Dollar

Social Travel for Charity with Social Media Week Hamburg raised € 1.024