31 Aug 2012

Bye Bye Dean, Hello Rhian!

After a goodnight sleep my new tandem buddy Rhian was excited about getting on the bike and start her tandem adventure with me to Hue. This trip of 120 km should take us about 2 days. We decided to do a short jump to Da Nang, go to bed early and make sure that we'll be ready to tackle the biggest climb on this trip so far. Just before Hue there's quite a significant mountain pass that needs to be conquered.

Before leaving we first had a goodbye lunch with Dean and Maria at Café 43 in Hoi An. Lovely small family restaurant with cheap but amazing food! If you're ever in this lovely village make sure to go pay it a visit.

 After luch we said goodbye to Dean and went off for a short trip around the old town of Hoi An where we shot some more pictures.

Then it was off to Da Nang which only took us 1,5 hours to reach. We followed a nice and scenic road next to the water and had quite an easy and fun ride.

At the moment we entered the city we heard the by now very recognizable sound 'PSSSSSSHHH'... Yep... When there's 2 people on the bike flat tires are more common than exception. Since we just arrived at Da Nang beach we first decided to get a drink at the local beach bar and fix the tire later. The bike was the star of the moment again. The ladies of the bar welcomed us with a big smile and many laughs :-)

We were having our refreshing 'Revive' drink while a couple walked towards the bike. He was admiring the bicycle, saw the flat tire and proposed to fix it :-) We just followed him to his place where he patched the tube.

We thanked him and drove off. But as usual our luck only lasted for a short time. About half a km further the tire gave up on us again.... We decided to call it a day and look for a hotel. We found a nice place for about $15 and guess what... they're taking the bike to the repair shop tomorrow to get it fixed by 10 am in the morning. Let's see how that turns out :-)

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