20 Mar 2013

Social Travel Adventures in Berlin

Social in Berlin with The Social Traveler

Berlin, the city on the border of West and Eastern Europe works as a magnet to creative, open minded & social people from around the world. Life is very affordable in this huge city and people are flocking together to live and experience this extraordinary place. Something amazing is cooking here.

I was there for the ITB travel conference and I just fell in love with the city and it's people. So I decided to go and live there for some time. I arrived on the 2nd of April.

As usual the key is to be social and I hope to experience many social travel adventures with Friends and Followers living or traveling in Berlin.

During my stay I work as a freelance social media consultant, I'll be writing and editing stories, pictures and videos from my past Tandem Challenge and I'll be looking for partners to be part of my Guitar Challenge on the West Coast of North America.



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