14 Jul 2015

14th of July Eiffel Tower fireworks fun

In the late afternoon of the 14th of July I got my second mission and it was a tricky one...

I had to get invited to a Parisian home from where I could watch the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower at 11pm. There were only 7 hours left to make it happen...

The moment of when I got the mission was captured on video so I decided to share that on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

The video was also posted on Twitter by +Paris je t'aime  The reactions there were awesome. In one hour it got retweeted 38 times. Even the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo supported my quest with a retweet. 

So cool to see that happen! :-)

Also on Facebook people were tagging friends in Paris in the hope they could help make this happen.

Around 8pm my Belgian buddy living in Paris, Philippe, told me he could probably get me into a rooftop party but he was waiting for a confirmation.

At about the same time Jeanette whom I met in Paris 3 years ago and lived in an apartment with a terrace facing the Eiffel Tower offered her help. She gave be the address and told me to just swing by and explain the situation.

Around 9 pm it finally happened... 

Denise from Paris fur touristen came to the rescue once again. She asked me on Twitter if I found something already and I told her about my 2 maybes. She told me then that a friend of her was willing to have me over to celebrate with her friends.

That friend was Aurore who in turn then contacted me on Facebook to let me know I could swing by her apartment. I bought some champagne and Belgian beer, jumped in the metro and made my way to the apartment. 

I was warmly welcomed by 6 Parisian friends. I could even join them for dinner :-)

14th of July dinner with Parisian locals

At 11pm sharp we enjoyed a 35 minutes long spectacular firework together. The theme this year was 'France welcomes the world'. Songs and colors from around the world lit up and colored the Parisian sky.

14th of July fireworks on the Eiffel tower from afar

Success! :-)

A beautiful moment to experience in the company with such friendly locals. We raised a glass of champagne to a beautiful day in Paris.

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