22 Apr 2016

Pottery making in Quart, Costa Brava

My second mission took me to a little village called Quart just outside of Girona. It's there that I discovered the art of pottery making...

But first I had to find out where to go with the help of friends and followers. You can see how that went in the Facebook post below. I notice that more and more locals are taking part in the conversation and that's of course always great to see.

As you can see it's Elisenda Artalejo that put me on the right track after I got a few suggestions for La Bisbal, a little town 20 km away from Girona. She told me I had to make my way to Museu de la Terrissa.

When I got there I was welcomed with a big smile and I got the tour of the museum. Really cool to learn that the town of Quart is world renowned for it's pottery & brick making.

I learned about the type of ovens they used and about the type of pots that are very typical for Quart. They look gray/black-ish and because of the way they are made they have a very specific feature. They keep the content cool at even very warm temperature. It's the magic of chemistry.

Quart signature clay pot

After my tour I met a master pottery maker, Pedro. A man that worked his entire life in the trade. He event told me he had a client from Aalst in Belgium which is actually a town where I went to school for some time.

One of Pedro's beautiful creations

Pedro showed me how it's done and patiently taught me the tricks of the trade.

Watch how everything developed in the video below ;-)

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