18 Sept 2017

Finding Love & the Feinkost family at Karli in Leipzig

Finding love and Karli in Leipzig

Leipzig is a vibrant, creative and beautiful city and that totally reflected in the Destination Challenges I tackled there.

First I had to find a park dedicated to love and fix a photo shoot with a couple there. After that I had to find the Feinkost family at a place called 'Karli'!

Let me tell you all about what happened next below.

I received my challenge at the 'Plate of Art' restaurant on top of the Panorama tower which defines the skyline of Leipzig.

Panorama tower and the faculty of mathematics and computer science in Leipzig
Yup, all the way up there :-)

View from the plate of art Panorama tower restaurant

Destination Challenges in Leipzig well received
Let's do this!

Johanna Park in Leipzig

I found the Johanna Park really quick with the help of Antje on Facebook as you can see in the video above. Dankeee Antje, your home town is basking in the sun. 😉

Johanna park basking in the sun in Leipzig
Old and new Leipzig seen from Johanna park.

The story goes that the park was created by the father of 'Johanna' who had to marry a man she didn't love instead of the love of her life. It's said that she died of a broken heart. 

Her father, torn apart by guilt, then decided to build a park in honor of his daughter.

At the park I quickly found a couple at one of the bridges. I asked them to strike a pose and they happily helped me out. You can see their photo at the top of this post. 😉❤ 

Karli & the Feinkost Family

The next part of my challenge was to earn a fresh glass of beer at 'Karli' and to do just that I needed to find the most famous family of the street and figure out a way to somehow make them shine???

I quickly learned that 'Karli' is short for Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse, a popular street where people go for beers & food with friends. It's on this street that I found the Feinkost family an old DDR neon sign. 
Feinkost family of Leipzig in Karli
Found the Feinkost Family in Karli!


Apart from many bars and restaurants you also find a lot of street art. So if you ever make it there make sure to keep yours eyes open ;-)

Streetart in Leipzig

Streetart in Leipzig near Feinkost family

Beers at Karli in Leipzig
Cheers to a Challenge well accomplished! :-)

Have you ever been to Leipzig?

Please let us know about your favorite places in the city so we can check them out next time we pass through ;-)

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  1. Hey! Nice that you saw a lot of Leipzig already! Next time in Leipzig you should definitely bike to the Cospudener See (Cossi) and enjoy the view from the Bistumshöhe, visit some lost places/empty houses, go to the Spinnerei and have a walk through the Eisenbahnstrasse! Liebe Grüße, Clara