14 May 2018

Wildschönau valley things to do in Summer in Tirol, Austria

cute little chapel in Wildschönau Tirol Austria

The Wildschönau is valley an absolute pearl in the Tirol mountains of Austria. Such a beautiful and charming region. Couldn't get enough of the landscapes!

I explored the region while tackling Destination Challenges in the Wildschönau valley :-)
Here's what I came across in this beautiful part of Tirol.

Discover the cute little churches of the Wildschönau valley

I don't know about you but I'm a big fan of the charming churches in Austria. You find them sprinkled all over the Wildschönau valley. Gotta catch em all ;-)

Volkswagen T2 bus in front of a church in the Wildschönau valley in Tirol, Austria
Rose fitted right in :-)

Picnic by the river

Just park your car somewhere by the road and spend time by a mountain river. They are perfect for a picnic and ideal to cool you down on a hot Summer day. I personally just like to watch the water roll over the many rocks. Quite meditative :-)

mountain river in the Wildschönau valley in Tirol, Austria

Hike one of the many Wildschönau valley hiking trails

There's a whole network of hiking trails that run through the landscape as vains through your body. Just head out there and spend some time exploring the mountains with friends and loved ones. ;-)

Hiking trail in the Wildschönau valley in Tirol Austria

hiking trial sign in the Wildschönau, Tirol, Austria

Visit Thierbach, the smallest town of the Wildschönau valley

There's less than a hundred people still living there but the place has a functioning school with around 18 students. How cool is that! Definitely worth a little visit :-)

Volkswagen T2 bus in Thierbach the smallest town in the Wildschönau valley
Rose visiting the smallest town in the Wildschönau valley

Favorite Instagram shot in Wildschönau

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Destination Challenges in Wildschönau - Facebook Log

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Where I stayed in Wildschönau

I was staying at charming Landhotel Tirolerhof. Let me show you around in the video below ;-)

If you decide to stay here as well please book here and support me on my travels

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