20 Aug 2018

Velnezers lake aka Devil's lake 😈 in Latgale, Latvia.

Velnezers Laka aka Devil's lake in Latgale Latvia

Velnezers lake also known as Devil's lake can be found in Latgale, a region in the East of Latvia.

It got the nickname Devil's lake because it's surrounded by legends and mystery. There are stories about people disappearing in the forest, about not a bird that sings and that it's bad luck and dangerous swimming in the lake.

It's said that people don't know how the lake came to be. Some say it's because of a meteor impact, others claim it's because of an earthquake. One thing's for sure though, it's not like any other lake you've visited before.

As mysterious as it is it's also absolutely beautiful! The water is crystal clear and the silence surrounding it makes it the perfect place to find some peace and quiet.

This Devil's lake was the playground for our first Destination Challenges in Latvia. Muhahahaaaa πŸ˜ˆ.

Paul (Passport Diary) and I were tasked to find it and take a walk around and that's exactly what we did...

Vlog of our visit to Devil's lake

Paul and I made our way to mysterious Devil's lake with our vans and enjoyed a little hike in the forest and around the lake. Watch it all in the video below ;-)

Photolog of a visit to Velnezers lake

Below you find a little photolog from our visit to Devil's lake.
Destination Challenges card in Latgale, Latvia
This is the Destination Challenge card we received in the morning.

Paul from Passport Diary and Bjorn The Social Traveler at Devil's lake in Latvia
Paul and I trying to get our fear under control ;-)

The forest around Devil's lake / Velnezers lake in Latvia

Hiking around Devil's lake/Velnezers lake in Latvia

Paul from Passport Diary and Bjorn The Social Traveler at Devil's lake in Latvia
That wasn't so bad at all ;-)

Road trip from Passport Diary and The Social Traveler in Latgale, Latvia
Off to the next adventure in Latvia

Favorite Instagram photo at Velnezers lake

Rose (@thesocialtraveler) and Emma (@passportdiary) sure know how to pose for photo's :-)

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Destination Challenges at Devil's lake - Facebook Log

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Where we stayed in Latgale

The Klajumi horse ranch
Paul and I stayed here for 3 nights and had an absolutely fantastic time.
Everything at the farm is organically grown and that results in delicious meals!
The cabin we stayed at was an oasis of peace. Perfect place to recharge the batteries ;-)