10 Oct 2013

Claim a part of the adventure

This is my shot on turning this social travel project into something sustainable. I looked for a relevant, fun and valuable way to make this a win win for everyone involved. People, companies, brands, charities and myself. Please take your time to read this post and I hope you also...

Claim a part of the adventure

This is how it works

You can claim a part of the trajectory that I follow around the world. Once you claimed your part it's yours forever. I made sure that every party involved, whether it's people, companies or brands can claim a part and get something valuable in return.

1 km = € 1

Learn more about the types of claims further in this post.

Types of Claims for People

Buddy claim (below 50 km)

You get

Once you claimed your part it's yours. There's only a limited amount of kms and cities.

You get a mention below in this blog post 'x km claimed by YOU'.

20% to Charity
20% of the money goes to a charity of your choice. Click here to learn more.

Friend Claim (from 50 km)

You get all the above and a
Shout Out/Thank you post
Thank you post to 15.000 friends and followers over different social networks.

You get an eBook with exclusive stories & learnings
(1 eBook extra per 30 km)   

Click the donate button below to claim your part of the adventure.
Mention the amount of kms and of which part you want to claim them.
It's as simple as that.

Types of Claims for Companies & Brands

Road or Town Claim (from 250 km)

You get all the above and

Post Integration
Name and link in this post and all posts relevant to your claimed part.

Map Integration 
You get your dedicated green pin/line integrated in the 'Claim a part of the adventure' map.

City Claim (from 500 km)

You get all the above and

Logo Integration
Logo and link in this post and all posts relevant to your claimed part.

Dedicated Blog Post
Blog post about you claiming a part of this adventure and an interview. This will of course also be shared via the social networks I use.

Community leverage
Let's leverage both our communities and bring the online to offline. Let's organise a city meetup, have some fun together and why not try to raise some money for one of the charities...

Capital or Key City Claim (from 1000 km)

You get all the above and

Social Media Integration

You get a complete integration in all updates that involve your claimed part on all relevant social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Today I reach about 50.000 unique people/month on these networks.

Below some examples on how that looks.Click the picture to zoom in.

Partner Claim (from 5000 km)

You get all the above and

Partner Integration
in relevant eBook, in header and homepage of this website and in social networks I use.

Press opportunity
Offering so much support for a social project like this has a good chance to be picked up by the press

Article in Welt am Sonntag, a big German quality newspaper.

Interactive map

Above the interactive map that I'm trying to turn all green.
Click the right upper corner to open it in Google Maps and have a better overview.

Past, Present and Future

Claim a part of the past (orange pins and lines on the map)

The past years friends and followers have been shaping the adventure as it happened but only saw bits and pieces via the social networks I use. I focused on following their lead and tackled some serious challenges on my journey. I'm now on a break from travelling and want to share the past adventures with you here.

By claiming a part of the past you unlock that part of the adventure. I then start writing and editing stories and content relevant to that part and publish it here on the blog. This helps me to focus my time and energy on getting the story out.

Claim a part of the future (red pins and lines on the map)

By claiming a part of the future you make it possible for this adventure to continue. Currently I'm preparing for my guitar challenge on the west coast of North America.

Total claims up until today (green)

 3600 km

4 Cities

By People

20 km by Mr. Van Raemdonck
30 km by +Letizia Cocco
50 km by Geert Van de Vondel
50 km by Veerle Troch
50 km by +Theo Guns
50 km by +Steven Rasschaert
100 km by +Geert Troch

By companies and brands

50 km by +E-Dublin
100 km by +Sticky

1000 km and 2 cities by +AGX

2000 km and 2 cities by +Engagor 

Important. If you know people, companies or brands that would be interested in being part of this adventure by claiming a relevant part (orange pins and lines on the map) please do share this post with them.


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