21 Jan 2014

#SMWTST • Social Travel for Charity

Social Media Week Hamburg contacted me about 2 months ago. They invited me to speak at their event about my past social travel adventures

I met up with Sabine Ewald and Inken Meyer, the lovely organizers behind SMW Hamburg. We had a short brainstorm and they asked me if I'd be interested to speak at Social Media Week Copenhagen as well. I asked about the distance between the 2 cities and an idea arose to take things further...

Cycling for Charity

I proposed to hop on my tandem bike after my talk at Social Media Week Hamburg and then ride it to Copenhagen in time to have my talk there. As always people can join me on this winter cycling adventure and together we cycle 330 km to the Danish capital. Tackling the distance and weather together. 

Learn more about my social travel adventure around the world here or just watch the video. It gives a good impression about how it's like to cycle a tandem bike through SE Asia ;-)

The goal

Raising money and awareness for the 4 different charity projects I visited on my tandem adventure through SE Asia. 

The Charity Projects

Every project is small and deserves some support!

This orphanage at the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur takes care of about 40 boys. They completely rely on donations and gifts. I visited them at the start of my tandem challenge and stayed with them for 3 days, sharing food, shelter and stories with them. These kids are really awesome and the shelter offers them a chance to a better future.

A school for children with Down Syndrome in Thailand

When I arrived in Chumphon I stayed at Salsa hostel. I had a chat with the owner and he told me about this school. He took me there and together with a teacher I had a little tour around the school. The kids stay in big dorm rooms with very basic facilities. The beds are really basic, there are no toys, half of the ventilators don't work and the walls definitely need some paint. Let's improve their daily living situation together!

This project wants to bring basic medical facilities in the form of small nurseries to remote and small villages in the middle of Cambodian rice fields. Most people in these villages have to drive for hours to the closest big city for basic medical attention. I visited one of these villages for a few days and saw the nursery that they are building without any supplies or medical equipment in it. This project wants to provide just that and also employ full time nurses.

In the beautiful mountains around Sapa in Vietnam there are a lot of tribes still living there. These people still live in their own traditional ways and mostly live from harvesting the rice fields and selling souvenirs to tourists. They have barely access to education and mostly speak their own language. The Sapa O'Chau project funds a small school where tribe children can learn the basics of math, English and Vietnamese. I attended one of the classes and really I never saw children so motivated and eager to learn. This program gives them the opportunity to make the move to Hanoi for a proper education.

Check out the video they made to show their support for our initiative. Warmed my heart!

Please donate via our online fundraising pool.

Click the image and donate in our online fundraising pool. Easy Peasy!

The Schedule

17th of Feb: Hamburg

Tour around the city with Hamburg Tourism at 15:00

Hamburg Meetup
Join us for a drink and a chat at Mutter from 20:00. 
Don't hesitate to bring friends ;-)

The Facebook event. 

Hamburg sleep
We are offered beds at Superbude Hostel.

18th of Feb: Hamburg to Lübeck (70 km)

Social Media Week Hamburg talk 
Superbude at 9:00

Cycle meeting point
Superbude hostel, Julius Strasse 1 (Google Maps: http://goo.gl/vobyxQ)
We start moving at 10:30. 

Lübeck Meetup
20:00 at ?

Lübeck sleep
We still look for a place to sleep in Lübeck

19th of Feb: Lübeck to Heiligenhafen (100 km)

Cycle Meeting point
In front of the City hall (Rathaus) at 9:00 
(Google Maps: http://goo.gl/KbxuJv)

Heiligenhafen Meetup
20:00 at ?

Heiligenhafen sleep
Hosted via Heiligenhafen Touristic

20th of Feb: Heiligenhafen to Koge (125 km)

Cycle meeting point
at Wilhelmplatz at 9:00 
(Google Maps: http://goo.gl/ScMQNM)

Koge Meetup
21:00 at ?

Koge sleep
We still look for a place to sleep in Koge

21st of Feb: Koge to Copenhagen (50km)

Cycle meeting point
Koge city hall at 9:00 
(Google Maps: http://goo.gl/br6L3E)

Social Media Week Copenhagen talk
Design Center at 15:30

Copenhagen Meetup
21:00 at ?

Copenhagen sleep
We still look for a place to sleep in Copenhagen

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If you live in between Hamburg and Copenhagen then jump on your bike and join for a ride. The more people join the more km cycled and the higher the chance we raise awareness and money.


Help us find our way around Hamburg, Lübeck, Puttgarden, Koge and Copenhagen.

Where do we go for a warm soup, a hot coffee and of course a cold beer?

We'll also be in need a good night sleep after a day of cycling so if you know great places to stay or if you own a comfy couch on which some of us can crash on for a night that would be awesome. I'll update every day how many people we'll try to host so keep an eye on #smwtst ;-)

Meet up

Do you live in Hamburg, Lübeck, Puttgarden, Koge or Copenhagen then get in touch and let's organize a meet up. 

Get in touch via the comments below or reach out via hashtag #smwtst on your favorite social network.


Raising Awareness

Tell your friends 
Share this post with friends via your preferred social media channel. 
Don't forget to include #smwtst so we can thank you for your support!

Tell companies and brands
If you know companies that would be interested in supporting this project please do share this post with them.

Raising Money

All money raised goes 100% to the supported charities. The total amount in the Leetchi pool and donated by people or supporting companies will be equally divided over the 4 charity projects. 


You can support by donating via the online fundraising pool . 

It's easy. Click. Donate. Support. ;-)

Click the image and donate in our online fundraising pool. Easy Peasy!

Rally companies or brands

Companies can offer an amount of money that can be unlocked by people that join cycling. 
1 km stands for 1 euro. So the more people join the more km we gather and the more money we unlock.

Companies can of course also join on bikes with their team. A great way to build team spirit and have some fun with the colleagues :-)

People part of this adventure

Tandem Buddies

So far we have 5 brave people that are willing to face the cold and distance with me.

Michael Vaes 
My Belgian homie in Berlin.

Christina Ernst
Kick ass Austrian girl from Berlin that also joined me on my half marathon challenge in Potsdam.

Volker Jelken 
My ex Berlin flat mate

Gilles Toussaint
A Belgian friend living in Berlin

French friend and travel blogger at 'Le Sac a dos'

If you want to join us on this adventure then do get in touch in the comments below or reach out via #smwtst.

Companies & Brands part of this adventure

Crowd funding 330 euro from their community

Pledging for 330 euro


Hamburg claimed by Hamburg Marketing

Copenhagen, Lübeck, Puttgarden, Koge claimed by you?

Brands and companies can claim parts of my social travel adventure around the world. This is a form of sponsoring that makes this whole adventure possible. 



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