22 Aug 2012

Struck by Heat & Hills

Dean and I got up early to take on a +90 km journey from Tuy Hoa to Qui Nhon.  After yesterdays 70 km that looked like a nut we could easily crack. The temperature that day was about 35°C with a 60 percentage humidity.

After the first 10 km something was clearly wrong. Dean needed to stop for a rest. He was sweating badly and needed to go lay down. Understandible since it was very hot.

We decided to give it another go and did 10 km more but again we needed to stop. Dean was feeling sick and really bad. I can tell you he's not the kind of guy that complains fast. So we halted to rest. We got into the shades and from all over kids started gathering around the bike.

I played a bit with them and showed them the seflportrait function of my smart phone. They just loved it and started gathering behind me seeing themselves in the phone... MAGIC ;-)

Then I launched Angry Birds and if there's one thing that ALL people around the world know, well it's Angry Birds. Below some pictures and a lovely video :-)

After this short and fun intermezzo Dean and I decided to look for a lift since he was still feeling very bad. At the place where we halted a was truck stopping so we tried to get a lift from him. We first thought he said yes but turned out he was going the different direction.

So we got back on the bike and drove until we reached the first big hill. I felt that not much was coming from my buddy in the back and asked if he was ok. Clearly he was not. So we stopped and tried to pull over a different car. We were lucky to have one of the first cars that passed pulled over. We loaded in the bike and did the rest of the road in that truck all the way to Qui Nhon.

The fellows below were our heros of the day. They gladly took us all the way there and didn't ask a dime for it.

In Qui Nhon we had a short ride next to the ocean, enjoyed the view and found ourselves a nice hotel for the night

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