26 Aug 2012

The road ahead isn't lonely

After 2 days in a hotel room resting and uploading a few Gb to YouTube it was clear that Dean was not well enough to continue his journey with me. He was still feeling sick and paying a visit to the toilet on a regular basis :-). We decided to part. He'd take my big saddle bags with him to Hué and I would meet up with him there. 


So off I went on my own again with a significantly lighter bicycle. The 2 days of rest did me good and I bolted through the beautiful Vietnamese landscape. Having a stop every hour to fuel up and have a chat with some locals. 

By sunset I reached some road restaurant where some locals jumped on my bike and did some tours on the parking lot. They were having loads of fun with it since they could barely touch the pedals (my legs are quite long :-)). Anyway, after playing they all gathered around my table firing questions at me one after the other: 'Where you from', 'How old are you', 'What is your name'... Luckily there was Vi. A Vietnamese girl that spoke quite good english. She was the translater of the hour.

I explained them what I was doing and they all looked at me with big eyes... 'Why not motorbike?' 'Why so far', 'Why are you doing it'... Then it got a bit more personal: 'Why you not have girlfriend', 'Why you not have children',... and so on and on :-) They were jokingly trying to couple me with one of the women. Hilarity around!

The kids were facinated by my phone and got in one pose after another while I was shooting away. They were just awesome! After the little photoshoot they came back with a little box in their hands. 

A present!

The box contained handmade paper stars and a lovely message: 'Memory in Vietnam, Good luck for you'. So kind! I accepted with a big smile and thank them a million times :-) 

But that wasn't all. Vi also invited me to join her and her family for diner. I still had a long way ahead but I couldn't say no to this so I joined and got to eat one of the best meals I got in Vietnam. It was just delicious!!! 

Then it was time for me to say goodbye and do the last 30 kms of the day. They all waved me off into the night wishing me lots of luck...

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