7 Aug 2014

Guitar & Road trip Challenge across Canada

This social travel challenge is a musical one. I have to learn to play the guitar with friends and followers across Europe and North America.

But that's not all.

I also have to drive an old Volkswagen van across Canada finding people that can teach me songs and help me improve my skills.

And here comes the catch.

I then have to make my way from Vancouver all the way South to Panama but this time I'll have to busk for my gas as proof that I actually learned to play the guitar.

No skills... No moving forward :-)

I'm looking forward to get some lessons from whoever wants to teach me a thing or two about guitar playing.

Maybe You?

The Challengers

This challenge is a product of the imagination of tandem buddies Kyra and Alain :-)

The Trajectory

The challenge is divided into 3 parts

1. Learn basic guitar skills in Europe and find a Volkswagen T2 van before July 2014.

2. Cross Canada from East to West in the van and learn songs with the locals. July to October.

3. Busk for your gas from Vancouver to Panama and prove that I play guitar. October to December.

Follow and shape the story as it happens


Tune in to #tstGuitar

Tell me where to go

Guide me to your favorite places on my trajectory

Meet and Teach

Let's meet up and play some tunes, have some fun together :-)

Tell your Friends

I'm currently in Canada so don't hesitate to tell your Adventurous and guitar crazy friends.
I'd love to go say hello.

Just share this post with them via your favo social network ;-)

The Guitar

The Van

Key Moments



Google Plus



Gibson welcomed me to the family and provided me with an awesome guitar. They reach out to their own community to teach me the ropes and will set up guitar lessons with artists they work with. Rock and Roll Baby!

The people from the Canadian Tourism Commission will show me the most beautiful and cool places in Canada and will help me reach out to the locals for awesome van jam sessions.

The GoPro dudes send me a Van and Guitar cam and help me capture this adventure on video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see new episodes first.


  1. Such a cool challenge
    you still want me to help out on the guitar lesson front ?


    1. Hell yeah! Maybe once I make it to Vancouver we could start with some Hangout Sessions via Google+? What do you think?

    2. yeah for sure - just drop me an email - wftristan@gmail.com

      looking forward to it


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