3 Jul 2015

The Ironed Mastel

Let me tell you about today's mission where I learned about the ironed Mastel.

First I had to discover the name of a culinary treat that the friars of the Carmelite convent came up with 900 years ago. Facebookers came to the rescue! 

Good morning everybody! Ready for another day filled with missions in #Ghent?I just received my first one of the day...
Posted by The Social Traveler on Friday, July 3, 2015

After discovering what I had to make the community sent me off to buy a Mastel at the bakery. Here I got a lot of help on Twitter. They also told me to buy some #Cuberdons, 'Gentse neuzen' as they say, since you can buy them just next to the bakery at the 'Groentemarkt'... How could I resist :-)

From there I cycled to Bar Jan Cremer where they introduced me into the ancient art of preparing an ironed Mastel. A typical Ghent dish. :-)

Let me walk you through it: You slice open the mastel, add butter (a lot of it!!), then brown sugar (also a lot of it :-)) and then you just iron the 2 pieces back together.

Sweet and very tasty!


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