3 Jul 2015

A game of Knights and Horses

For my 4th mission in Ghent I was challenged for battle.

I had to find a square with a very dark history. At that square a knight would wait for me with further instructions.

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Posted by The Social Traveler on Friday, July 3, 2015

Now it didn't take me long to figure out that the square was 'Veerleplein' which has a castle next to it and where criminals were publicly tortured and killed during medieval times.

So I jumped back on my bike and made it in time to the square where I started looking for 3 people to join in battle. Luckily I found some social people on a nearby terrace right in time to meet the knight.

We introduced ourselves and he explained us the dire task that laid upon us.

He showed us a cross with small rings on the horizontal bar and told us we had to form a team.

One would be horse, one a blindfolded knight and another one a knight whisperer :-)

The knight jumps on the back of the horse and has to pierce the ring with his sword as fast as possible.

Kinda tricky since both the horse and knight can't see :-) that's why there's also the knight whisperer who directs the knight on how to point his sword...

I can tell you it's hard and I turned out to be a better horse than knight. :-)

We had a lot of fun and laughs though and eventually managed to bring all rings down under a blistering sun. 

Good times! :-)

Instagram of that day


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