4 Jul 2015

'T Vliegerken on a boat in Ghent

For my final and last mission in Ghent I had to learn a famous Ghent song about a kite.

Stoff Van Belle could quickly tell me on Facebook that it must be the song 't Vliegerke from Walter de Buck

My last day Ghent is beautiful and sunny. Perfect to take on my last mission from Visit Gent. This time it's a musical...
Posted by The Social Traveler on Saturday, July 4, 2015

Now I had to learn it and sing it with minimum 10 people. Luckily I had my friend Natacha visiting me and she could already introduce me to the lyrics.

The song goes a little something like this:
'Mee mijne vlieger
En zijne steert
Hij goit omhuuge
't Es 't ziene weert
'k Geve maar klêwe
Op mijn gemak
'k Hè nog drei bollekes
In mijne zak'
(Please sing with a fat Ghent accent)

We practiced over a beer and then decided to jump on a Ghent tour boat and asked the skipper if we could sing it with the rest of the people on the boat while cruising around Ghent. 

At some point we passed a bridge with a sculpture of Walter De Buck and we decided that it's the perfect place to sing his song and bring tribute to the artist.

And so we did... :-)

Here's a little video about this mission. If you can't handle people singing out of tune, don't watch it! :-)

Don't hesitate to sing along and make a video yourself. You have the lyrics now. Just post the link to the video in the comments below ;-)

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