13 Jul 2015

Social in Leuven

My last day in Leuven was all about being social. As usual I scheduled another meetup and this time there was a mission linked to it...

Since the meetup was in Belgium I had my parents, aunt and uncle showing up for a beer and a chat. A big thanks and hug to them for swinging by! Loved it.

My mission
I had to gather 6 different nationalities for a group picture at the meetup... Well, I managed to scramble 10. Quite the international vibe there in Leuven. :-)

I found people from Mexico, Russia, Georgia, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Australia and even Hong Kong.

They all immediately jumped on board :-)

The Afterparty
After the meetup I went to a house party. I was invited by Geraldine via Facebook to join her and her friends for a drink at her home.

I love it when this happens! It's always great to hang with the locals. So I grabbed a cab and crashed the party.

Good times with Geraldine and her friends
Such good vibes there. We had drinks at the terrace and shared travel stories and a lot of laughs.
Geraldine runs an event agency (B-Eventic) and clearly knows how to throw a party. :-)

It even turned out that we had several mutual friends. One of them is one of my best friends from home, Hans. He runs a network event Symbiosis and some of the people there were all members. They're all in different trades. Joeri kicks social media ass with efficado and Katleen takes care of men's skin via 4 MEN.

It really is a small world.

I'll leave you with my favorite instagram moment from that day.

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