6 Jul 2016

Landing a Boeing 737 at Riga airport

landing a boeing 737 at Riga airport in Latvia

I was on my flight to Riga with Air Baltic when suddenly the lovely flight attendant approaches me mid air with an envelope holding my first mission on the Latvia Challenge.

You can imagine my surprise when it told me to land a Boeing 737 at Riga airport. The airport I was flying too... My heart started bouncing and sweat was breaking out... Luckily the devil is in the fine print. There it was stated that it would, obviously, be in a flight simulator.

How cool is that!!!

One of my best experiences EVER so far. It felt sooo real and I really was motivated to bring the plane home in one piece. I'm happy to say that I'm a better pilot than a pottery baker :-)

Find out how it all went down below...

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