26 Jun 2016

Preparing Lapin Tournaisiens aka Rabbit with Prunes in Tournai, Belgium

My last mission on the Tournai Challenge was mostly taking place in the kitchen of my hostel in Tournai. I had to prepare a local dish called 'Lapin Tournaisiens' which translates to 'Rabbit with prunes' in english.

Julien my Tournai buddy knew how it's done and even brought a rabbit with him! We had the local beer from Brasserie de Cazeau so we only needed a few more ingredients.

We invited people to join us for dinner and prepared them a 'Lapin Tournaisiens' they'll never forget. Made with love, dedication and beer :-)

Wanna know how to prepare this delish dish then just check out the video below ;-) If you ever decide to make it please share your experience or some pictures with us in the comments below ;-)