25 May 2017

a date with Dates in Tunisia

It's in Tozeur that I had a date with Dates at the Eden Palm 'oasis'.

I learned that Dates are the fruit of a palm tree, I had no clue to be honest, and that it had a huge influence on the history of trading around the Mediterranean. Very interesting to learn that palm trees are integrated in many powerful ancient symbols because of its significance in that time.

Today Dates are used in a variety of deliciousness. I helped preparing some date jam while I was at it... :-)

On my last mission of the #TunisiaChallenge I learned about the majestic palm tree and its fruits: #Dates. The palm tree had a significant impact on Northern African but also European culture. You can find depictions of it in important symbols throughout Christian, Jewish and Muslim history and culture. It was basically the tree of life since they were very important for people traveling through the Sahara. They were found in the oasis and provided shelter and food for long distance travellers and merchants. You can imagine that people were very happy to see a palm tree after days and days in the hot desert... ☉πŸͺ🌴😊 The cool thing also was that just about everything from the tree could be used. The dates for food, wood for furniture, tools and houses, leaves for weaving... and so on... #DestinationChallenges with @DiscoverTunisia #DiscoverTunisia #Tunisia #palmtree
Een bericht gedeeld door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

Een bericht gedeeld door Bjorn Troch (@thesocialtraveler) op

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