16 Jun 2017

Læsø, a real life treasure island!

Our final destination challenge in Denmark was taking place on the island of Læsø which turned out to be a real life treasure island! 

Carina and I had to find out everything about the treasure that was discovered on the island. Such a great challenge. We left no stone unturned and found the treasure chest and also quite the story teller who told us all about it over a delish Danish beer ;-).

Find the story below...

To Læsø island we went for an actual treasure hunt! What a great way and place to end our Denmark Challenge

It's at this cute cabin on Læsø island that we received our first mission. 
We had to learn all about a real treasure that was found here in 1982.

Here's what we needed to discover: 

🇩🇰 Who found the treasure and where? 
🇩🇰 Who buried the treasure? 
🇩🇰 What did they find inside the treasure? 
🇩🇰 Where is the treasure now? 
🇩🇰 2 people were contacted by the finder when he made his incredible discovery. We have to find at least one of them and try to meet them here on the island! Looooving this part. 
🇩🇰 There's a movie made about it this year and we needed to find the title!

Such a cool mission!

We found traditional houses like this across the island. 
Their rooftops are made from seaweed which gives them their distinctive and also very cute look. 😍

While we were here carina (@travelrunplay) received the answer on where we could find the treasure: At the Læsø Museum.

So off we went on our cute little treasure hunt 😉

This ladies and gentlemen is a genuine silver coin from 1654! 

It was found by Mister Holger Petersen while he was digging the foundations of a construction in his back yard.  Can you imagine? He of course didn't find just 1 but around 1800 silver coins in a jar that he accidentally hit with his shovel. 😮

What a story!

This is Holger Petersen in 1982 with his amazing find in a documentary film that was just finished yesterday. The treasure is valued at a whopping 3 million euro 😮😮😮 

1/3 of it can be found on display at the Læsø museum from mid July together with the documentary. 

After his amazing discovery Holger called 2 people. One was Paul and we got his address at the museum so we could pay him a visit to hear about this incredible story first hand. 

Meet Paul. He welcomed us to his home with a big smile and shared his treasure story with us over a beer at his porch. The man is a natural born story teller and he could tell us the last piece of information we needed to find... 👌

The man that put the treasure there was supposedly a wealthy merchant that hid his wealth in fear of it being stolen in times that the Swedes were on a war path. 

We spent a wonderful time with him and shared some laughs and travel stories. 
I uploaded his story to YouTube. You can watch it below. 😉

It's at this place that the silver treasure was found by Holger Petersen!

Today you can find a golden treasure (beer) to share with friends and listen to the stories about treasures and ghosts by the locals. Cheers to that 🍺 📷 by @travelrunplay 

Paul also told us about another treasure that can be found on this magnificent island. 
The white gold: Salt.

Centuries ago it was harvested from the very salty ground water but at some point that stopped. 

Today the island is back in the salt business and is now known as a high quality salt producer. 
Silver, gold and white treasures are to be found on the island but I believe the biggest treasure it harbours is its people who enjoy life with eachother on this island of the god Lær.

The sun sets over Læsø and over the very first #DenmarkChallenge 🇩🇰🤘 

I have to say that the country immediately made me feel at home and that I gradually fell more and more in love with it. 

The people are extremely friendly and helpful, there's beauty everywhere you look, there's a rich history and the food, oh my god the food, it's absolutely delicious. 

I will definitely come back here to taste some more of the world famous Danish Hygge.

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