17 Jun 2017

Destination Challenges in Denmark

In Denmark Carina and I got 10 destination challenges to tackle with friends and followers! We adventured from the Zealand island to Djursland, Skagen and to Laeso island. 

It was my first time exploring the country and I have to say that it was a very pleasant surprise.

Denmark is like the perfect country! The nature is diverse and beautiful, everything is close, Danish people are incredible welcoming, everything is clean and organized, the beer was great and the food diverse, ecological and absolutely incredible! Had some serious foodgasms during my visit. All that in an incredibly warm atmosphere which the Danes refer to as 'Hygge'.

Denmark definitely stole my heart and is a place I want to go back to a lot more in the future.

Let me show you how I discovered Denmark during my Destination Challenges there.

Exploring Korsør by bicycle 

The first stop of Carina from Travel run play and I was Korsør. To get there we had to cross the gigantic Storebælt bridge which is basically the main West gateway to the Zealand island. 

This ingenious piece of architecture brought us to a quiet and fairytale like place that Carina and I explored by bicycle. Read all about it here...

Sorø lake Stand Up Paddling aka SUPing

In Soro we jumped on a stand up paddle board and explored the Sorø lake a bit. Let me just tell you that it looks easier than it actually is :-) Read all about it here...

Hundested's polar explorer and sand castles

Hundested is a small harbour city on the zealand island and it's the home of a fantastic shoreline, to Knud Rasmussen the famous polar explorer, to a wonderful yearly sand castle festival and to shrimp fishing :-)!

Read all about Knud Rasmussen here, about the sand castle festival here & about shrimp fishing here...

Fighting Hamlet in Helsingør

Helsingør castle catapulted Carina and I straight into Shakespear's Hamlet. The play was on in different rooms across the castle.
I even ended up sword fighting with Hamlet himself. :-) Read all about it here...

Odsherred's rolling hills and white sanded beaches

The landscape in Odsherred turned out to be picturesque and an absolute ocean of tranquility. 
Carina and I explored the place by hiking and cycling. Find the story by clicking the images below...

Djursland bicycle safari

We left Zealand direction Djursland on the mainland where Carina and I went on another cycling adventure. 
We found lions, giraffes, the smallest city hall of Denmark and an ancient ruin in the middle of the sea.
Read all about it here...

Skagen, where sand dunes and seas meet

This place is absolutely magical. 
You'll find a huge migrating sand dunes, a rugged coastline and the highest point of Denmark where seas literally meet.
Read all about it here...

On a treasure hunt on Laeso island

Our final destination challenge took place on Laeso island where we went on a treasure hunt!
Read all about it here...

Denmark Challenges videos

All videos from my missions on the Denmark Challenge below for your viewing pleasure. If you like what you see then please do subscribe to my YouTube Channel :-)

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