27 Jul 2017

Indonesian food cooking class at Marché 010 in Rotterdam

Ryan, 'le sac a dos' and I made our way to Marché 010 a brand new indoor food market that opened on the 15th of August 2017. Our first Destination Challenge in Rotterdam was to prepare an Indonesian food dish. Luckily we had Jerry by our side to show us the Indonesian way. 

Together we prepared Ayam Suwir aka pulled chicken. We had a fun time preparing it and the eating part was even better. Absolutely delicious. 

Who else is a fan of Indonesian food and what's your favourite dish? Let us know in the comments below ;-)

Watch our little oriental cooking adventure here. 😉 

You'll find Marché 010 at the hip and happening Zoho area in Rotterdam. It's a pleasure browsing the streets and discovering all the street art.

Zoho area baby!

a heart for shopping in Rotterdam ;-)

Zoho graffiti

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