12 Sep 2017

Berlin Bulli Tour

Berlin Bulli Westfalia T2 Tour

My road trip adventure tackling Destination Challenges around Germany brought me back to Berlin!

Some of you might know how much I love this city and I was happy to hear that on my first Destination Challenge I had to visit as many landmarks as possible with my VW Bulli called 'Roos'. But that was not all, I was challenged to invite people to join me on this impromptu Berlin Bulli Tour...

Berlin Bulli Tour Travel Log

Berlin Bulli Tour Potsdamer platz

Driving around I realized how much I missed this city... It keeps pulling me back. 
I found 5 people to join me on this little road trip adventure around Berlin. My friend Volker aka #DerViking joined me and we picked up 4 first time visitors to Berlin! 

Find out who we found and where we went in the following pictures. 😉🚌

Berlin Bulli Tour passenger 1 Volker 'Der Viking'
My first passenger on the tour was Volker aka 'Der Viking' :-)

Berlin Bulli Tour at Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz, the square that once was divided by a wall and today it's the futuristic hub of Berlin. 

Berlin Bulli Tour at Reichstag

Quick stop at the heart of Germany, the Reichstag.

Berlin Bulli Tour Brandenburger Tor / gate
Brandenburger Tor the iconic gate to Berlin

The Brandenburger gate points towards the city of Brandenburg. It's the gate to the West and symbol for bringing down the wall. David hasselhof sang 'Looking for freedom' here when the wall came down. I repeated that in 2015 during my first Destination Challenges in Berlin 😎

Berlin Bulli Tour fun
Volker and I picked up these 2 brothers visiting Berlin for the weekend and showed them the city in a unique way.

Berlin Bulli Tour at Hackescher markt
Roos at Hackescher markt with TV tower 'Alex' from Alexander platz in the background

Berlin Bulli Tour stop at the Berliner Dom
The Berliner Dom
Very iconic but I honestly don't know much about it apart that it's at the entrance of Museum Island

Berlin Bulli Tour passengers
At the end of the day this lovely Belgian couple joined us to Tempelhofer park!
Berlin Bulli Tour Tempelhofer feld
Striking the pose at Tempelhofer Feld :-)

Berlin Bulli Tour beers at tempelhofer feld
Beers at Tempelhoferfeld to celebrate a beautiful day. As you do...

Surfing skateboard at tempelhofer feld in Berlin

Berlin Bulli Tour Tempelhofer feld cyclists and rainbow
Did I mention Tempelhofer feld is my favourite place in Berlin 😍

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