13 Sept 2017

Cooking with Bite Berlin

Cooking with Bite Berlin

Absolutely loved my second Destination Challenge in Berlin!

This time I had to prepare a typical Belgian dish for 5 tourists that were visiting Berlin. Luckily I had Samantha from 'Bite Berlin' by my side to make it all happen! She runs food tours around Berlin and knows where to find the good stuff! :-)

Friends and Followers on my social channels suggested to prepare 'Stoofvlees met frieten' aka Flemish carbonade, chocolate mousse as a dessert and of course have some lovely Belgian beers on the side.

Now I only needed to find 5 people to join Sam and me for this impromtu Belgian dinner.

Luckily Amanda Kelly and her friend Kourtney happened to be in town and she saw me reaching out on Instagram. Amanda and I met half a year before when I was cruising around Los Angeles. Small world. :-) Amanda and Kelly were a big help in the kitchen! Can't thank them enough for helping out.

Amanda Kelly visiting Berlin
Cheers to these lovely Californian girls :-)

The 3 guys you see in the picture I met the day before on my 'Berlin Bulli Tour', my first Destination Challenge in Berlin. Luckily they were as social as they were hungry. ;-)

We spent a lovely eve together talking about food, Berlin and travel.

Good times...

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